Friday 4 May 2012

Limited Edition SodaStream machines review

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When I was a kid, I absolutely longed for a SodaStream machine. (And a Mr Slushy snowman-shaped ice crusher.) But - boo hiss !!! - my mum and dad figured it would just be one of those things that got used once and then end up collecting dust at the back of the cupboard. (Which, to be honest, the Mr Slushy probably would have done !) But, since we got a SodaStream machine back in May 2010, we haven't stopped using it. That's a huge amount of plastic bottles that haven't been wasted, plus a considerable financial saving on buying fizzy drinks, not to mention a lot of juvenile fun and giggling at making the machine fart !!

Well, we were over the moon when we were sent a funky and very regal purple SodaStream machine that has been released as the first in a series of limited-edition coloured machines. The colour of royalty has been picked to open the collection but the vibrant, nickel-plated Genesis machines will adopt green, blue and black colouring later in the year. Last year for the Royal Wedding, SodaStream celebrated by producing a limited edition Passion Fruit flavoured concentrate because it is Kate's favourite flavour (and very nice it was too, as we told you here, even when used for flavouring cupcake icing!). This year, the purple drinksmaker would be the perfect first anniversary gift for the royal couple !

Fiona Hope, Managing Director of SodaStream UK comments: “This year is the year for Royal celebrations, so we’re thrilled that the new Purple machine will not only allow people to create endless sparkling drinks directly from tap water, but also offer revellers another option to celebrate the union in style! This fantastic new Genesis is a break-through for us, as its nickel plating is not only stylish, but will add a touch of durability to any soft-drink loving kitchen.”

But things just get better and better at SodaStream. Before I'd even had time to write the review of my lovely new purple drinksmachine, they emailed to ask if I'd like to roadtest this little beauty. Wow ! Not being greedy, I reminded them that they'd just sent me a lovely new purple one but cheekily added that I'd be more than happy to take that one in to work for the staff room and get my kitchen all kitted out for the Jubilee ! (Before you roll your eyes at me, I will also be offering you the chance to win your very own Union Jack SodaStream machine in just a moment so don't go away !)

This beautiful Union Jack drinks machine is absolutely perfect for any Jubilee street parties you have planned, not just because it looks the part but because it will be much better for the planet. SodaStream explain : "Those with an environmental conscience will be able to party without a worry for the streets – a SodaStream drinks maker and reusable carbonating bottle can save up to 2,000 disposable bottles and cans. Using a SodaStream at your street shindig encourages the process of ‘pre-cycling’; avoiding the high usage of plastic bottles in the first instance and saving the need to recycle after use, therefore saving you having to organise a big street clean-up afterwards!" Just make sure you buy a spare gas cannister because it would be terrible if you ran out !

The endless generosity of SodaStream really knows no bounds. They also sent us a bottle of  their new Clear Plus Green Tea and Lychee concentrate. I wasn't actually sure that I or the kids would be overly keen on the flavour but I was pleasantly surprised. It's fruity, light and refreshing so it's the perfect drink for sipping through a straw over ice when the sun finally puts in an appearance.

Getting busy with the fizzy is fun, but getting chilled out and relaxed on a sun lounger with the fizzy is even better !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £69.99 for either of the new drinks makers

In the UK, SodaStream is available at John Lewis, Selfridges, Argos, Asda, Tesco supermarkets, Harvey Nichols, Lakeland, Robert Dyas, Comet, Currys Megastores, selected House of Fraser and other forward thinking retailers.

for more information : or on Twitter @SodaStreamuk.

 Disclosure : SodaStream kindly sent me the machines and concentrate in order to write the review. They also provided a drinks maker to give away as a prize. But that's not why I'm being so nice about them - the products really do live up to the hype !

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  1. I sooooo want one!!! maybe for X mas....

  2. I remember a soda stream from my childhood... but I expect they have improved the design by now!

  3. would love a soda stream !!

  4. Make sure you all enter the giveaway ! Good luck ! xx

  5. love the funky colour, would look brilliant in any kitchen. Im quite envious sometimes of the wonderful ( and sometimes crappy) things you get sent to review.

  6. Keep entering the giveaways and you can win lots of it too !! xx

  7. can't believe how much better these look now & probably taste better too from when i was little :)

  8. I had a Mr Slushy when I was a child, trust me you did not miss out on anything you needed builders arms to get the ice to crush and slush up. But I did miss out on a Soda Stream I was pea green with envy when my best friend had one.

    Get busy with the fizzy!

  9. I have commented on the baby pant pads xx


  10. I am not really familiar of the sodastream since then.But I really want having it in my kitchen.

    Slush machine hire perth


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