Friday, 4 May 2012

Make yourself Bee-autiful with Lush for National Honey Week next week !

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you can't have failed to notice that I have a long-term love affair with Lush, which I discovered way back in my student days over two decades ago (back when it wasn't even called Lush, it was still Cosmetics To Go)! Well, I'm very excited to tell you that there will be a Lush review and giveaway coming up very soon for some of the products in the following press release. Get ready to drool and watch this space !


Honey - the famous natural sweet stuff that is good enough to eat - is also renowned in the beauty world for its skin soothing and antibacterial properties. With its delicate fragrance and beautiful consistency Lush has created a gorgeous range of bath, shower and skincare products all filled with this natural, miracle nectar...

For the shower 


Flying Fox (£4.50 for 100g/£8.95 for 250g/£15.75 for 500g)... This sensual shower gel is made with four different kinds of rich, golden honey from all over the globe. Combining a wonderful blend of jasmine absolute and ylang ylang - known for their aphrodisiac qualities - Flying Fox is a luxuriously decadent shower treat.

For the bath


Honey Bee (£3.10)... This classic bath ballistic is a calming blend of rhassoul mud, honey and aloe vera combined to create an intensely soothing bath. Each ballistic is hand pressed which helps achieve the gorgeous bee-like striped pattern which means each one is entirely unique.
For the body


Honey I Washed the Kids (£3.25 for 100g)... This is the irresistible Lush honey soap that smells like toffee and is topped with a layer of honeycomb. One of Lush's all time best selling products, made with honey water and aloe vera to both moisturise and soften the skin, this sticky toffee pudding scented soap is a favourite for all the family - even those delicate skin types.
For the face


Brazened Honey fresh facemask (£5.75)... Refreshing herbs and fruit juice are blended with warming ayurvedic herbs and spices along with kaolin and talc to provide a deep cleansing facial treatment. With almonds to polish the skin and honey acting as both a natural antibacterial agent and moisturiser, this fresh facemask leaves the skin vibrant and reinvigorated. Lush's Fresh facemasks are so fresh and preservative free they must be kept in the fridge and used within 3 weeks.
 For the lips


Honey Trap lip balm (£5.25)... a tasty blend of white chocolate, honey and sweet orange oil all blended with organic extra virgin olive oil and shea butter for extra nourishment. The perfect natural, colourless balm that will ensure lips are soft and supple this summer.

To pick up these and many more ethical, cruelty free cosmetics, visit Lush stores nationwide now or online at  For shop details and mail order contact 01202 668 545.

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  1. I like some of their products, but cannot stay in the shop more than a few minutes at a time, my head gets dizzy from all the strong smells.

  2. I had that problem when I was pregnant ! I love the big brash fragrances though - the whole house smells nice when you have a bath !! lol

  3. I love Lush! The comforter and sweetie pie are my fav x

  4. They sound divine have made a note of the name & will start dropping hints!

  5. Love Lush, my fav thing is their Dream Cream soothing and cooling on my sensitive hands

  6. I'm making a note of all your suggestions and will look out for them next time I'm in store to see if they pass the sniff test !! lol

  7. i love lush cant walk past the store without going in you can smell it from streets away

  8. Ooh you've just reminded me - I have a Lush review and giveaway I must get posted !


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