Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Heinz Barbecue Sauces review

Admittedly, it may not be the right weather for barbecues at the moment but I still got very excited when Heinz emailed to tell me about their new duo of BBQ sauces that they've just released in time for the summer. They have created a 'Sticky' and a 'Classic' version of their smoky barbecue sauce to cater for all tastes and recipes.

Even better news was that they arranged a lovely delivery of all the ingredients I'd need to try out some of their recipes specially designed to showcase the new sauces. Look out over the coming days for our takes on their Ultimate Barbecue Beans, Marinated Chicken Wings and Barbecue Chicken and Bacon Pizza recipes. Yum, I'm hungry just thinking about it !

Heinz say that their new Barbecue Sauces have been made with families in mind, so they’re easy to use and can be used in a variety of meals, particularly chicken dishes, which the sauces complement beautifully, as well as sausages and other grilled meat. They explain : "Both the ‘Classic’ and ‘Sticky’ sauces have been created to be thick enough to dip your favourite foods in, yet light enough to be used in mouth watering marinades. Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce is rich and smokey, perfect for dipping, whereas Heinz Sticky Barbecue Sauce has a gloriously thick texture and Summery flavour, and immediately gives a welcome lift to meals like marinated chicken pieces." 

We've had a taste as a dip (and straight on fingers, just to try it !) and everyone, kids and adults alike, loved the taste which is the perfect balance of sweetness, smokiness and slight spiciness. I can't wait to try it out as an ingredient in cooking. Watch this space and I'll tell you how we get on ! 

RRP : Classic BBQ sauce £1.79 for 480g, Sticky BBQ sauce £1.79 for 500g

 Heinz Barbecue Sauce will be available in all major supermarkets from April 2012

Disclosure :  I received two bottles of Heinz Barbecue Sauce as well as a delivery of ingredients in order to try out the recipes from the Heinz website.

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