Monday 20 May 2013

Dairylea Springy Onion and Mighty Mature review

Dairylea has been around for donkeys' years and is a regular buy for our family, for making sandwiches, amongst other things. The kids love the mild cheesy flavour and I love the fact that it's a healthier option than mayonnaise or butter so we're all happy. I also find it avoids soggy sandwiches, which is another huge bonus.

We were very excited to learn that Dairylea have introduced two brand new flavours to the range, and even more so when they sent some through to the Madhouse in this funky lunch box (along with a shopping voucher to buy ingredients to go with them).

The two new flavours are Springy Onion and Mighty Mature, both of which appealed to us all in theory. The Springy Onion is made with real spring onions and contains 54 calories, 1.3g of sugar, 3.9g of fat (of which 2.6g saturates) and 0.5g salt per 25g serving. The Mighty Mature contains 63% cheese, giving it the highest cheddar content of any cheese spread on the market, and a 25g serving contains 72 calories, 1.9g sugar, 5.2g fat (of which 3.4g saturates) and 0.4g salt.

Time to get taste-testing. I spread some on some lovely crusty ciabatta that had just come out of the bread machine and was still warm - yum ! Both got a thumbs up but the kids thought theMighty Mature tasted like "normal" Dairylea. 

Dairylea had given us a scorecard with a selection of different things to try with the cheese spreads (carrot sticks, apple slices, cucumber, grapes, bread sticks, crackers, tortillas, bread and - one which made the Madhouse Mini-testers laugh - your finger !). We tried all of them except the bread sticks and grapes and the only ones that we weren't totally sure about were the cucumber and apple. We have tried it with baked potatoes, on toast and in mashed potato too and all three got a unanimous thumbs up. The school canteen also does a Dairylea sauce (apparently it's just Dairylea triangles melted in a bit of crème fraîche) that they serve with fish that the Madhouse Mini-testers rave about so I'll be trying that out with these new flavours too.

We love the new additions and hope there will be many more to come. I asked which new flavours the Madhouse Family members would like to see and the top suggestions were pizza flavour, pineapple and bacon - are you listening Dairylea ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.36 for 160g

for more information :

Disclosure : I received some Dairylea, a rather lovely lunch box and a shopping voucher to buy ingredients for the taste-test in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Oohhh I'd love to give the Mighty Mature a go! Will look out for it when I'm next in the supermarket!

  2. I SO want to try the springy onion one. Yummo. x


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