Friday, 6 September 2013

Faber Castell's Playing & Learning range review

Heading back to school is always synonymous with emptying out all the dried up/worn out/chewed contents of the kids' pencil cases and starting all over again. This year, Faber Castell made it all a lot easier by sending through a bundle of their little artists' supplies to kit the Madhouse Mini Testers out with. Pierre absolutely loved the chunky pear-shaped wax crayons which he found really easy to hold.

But the star attraction was this rainbow of felt tip pens. What's so special about a bucket of pens, I hear you ask? Well, this is a special connector bucket, which allows you to join the pens together to make 3D models. How cools is that ?!

Juliette had fun joining them all together into different multicoloured tubes.

But Sophie got more creative, using the extra connectors to make 3d shapes, and had great fun. I did make sure I pointed out that this is an activity to save for home, not one to do in the middle of a maths lesson at school when they get bored though !

We have also discovered the Faber-Castell app called "Creative Kids" which targets children aged 6+. The app aims to stimulate fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination by showing children how to create their own animations and moving images using coloured pencils, paper and an ipad. Using the ipad as a light box so that you can trace pictures on it is a genius idea (although the kids are under very strict instructions to be gentle and not press hard) and being able to bring their pictures to life as wobbly mice, giggly ghosts and creepy crawlies has been a source of much fun and excitement. Even better news, the app is totally free and there aren't even any annoying in-app purchases to worry about. The app can be downloaded from the itunes store, see here for more details. Promoting artistic creativity through the ipad seems to be a key theme this autumn - it was only yesterday that I was reviewing the Mister Maker app too !

RRP : £5.95 for Pear Shaped Easy Grip Crayons, £14.99 for Faber-Castell Connector Bucket, totally free for the app

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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