Saturday, 7 September 2013

Want the chance to cook for Marco Pierre White? Then enter this competition !

Knorr Kitchen Academy emailed me earlier in the week with news of their rather exciting competition. By testing your kitchen knowledge and filling in your details, you can win a place at a culinary masterclass with the Knorr Chefs then have your food judged by none other than Marco Pierre White. Head over to the Knorr UK Facebook page to find out more and try your luck. 

I just took the entrance exam and passed, just about ! : "You scored 70% – you show real promise but there’s still some room for improvement". I decided to take the chef quiz too to see which of the Knorr chefs my cooking style most resembles and here's my result : "You’ve been accepted at the Knorr Kitchen Academy. We’ve appointed Igor as your tutor because he best fits your hearty and traditional cooking style – he too likes to use classic combinations to create informal yet delicious dinners. Make sure you look out for all his tips and recipe inspiration on the Facebook wall." 

Good luck if you enter. Let me know which chef you get and did you beat my score ?!

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