Monday 7 October 2013

Post-it Super Sticky Notes for those not-so subtle reminders !

I received an email last week that made me smile, collating some interesting facts and figures about how forgetful we are, whatever our sex. According to the research :

- Men are twice more likely than women to forget their partner’s birthday. 

- One in ten will forget their anniversary, while over 6% regularly forget to put the toilet seat down !

- An embarrassed one in five dads has even completely forgotten to pick up the kids from school.

But us women are no angels either. 

- Ladies are actually much more likely to lie if they’ve forgotten something big at work, with one in four admitting to doing this if they’re worried about getting in trouble with the boss.

- Despite being such domestic goddesses, almost a third will forget to defrost something they’re supposed to be eating for dinner.

- More than half of us fill the washing machine and forget to put it on too.

Umm I might have to admit to doing these last two every now and then !

Post-it Super Sticky Notes have come up with a range of extra-large products that are perfect for those ‘not-so subtle’ reminders, for yourself or the other members of the household. They have an enhanced adhesive which holds stronger and longer to a multitude of surfaces including vertical, and they sent us through a couple of packets to try out. I've been having great fun leaving messages around the house for everyone !

I stuck one on the laptop for Sophie saying "Forget it, homework first!" so that she'll see it before she goes to check her Facebook wall !

I know that leaving one on the TV will mean that Madhouse Daddy spots it as soon as he gets in. A quick reminder to stir the contents of the slow cooker on his lunch hour is much more likely to have an effect than a mumbled request as I head out of the door that goes in one ear and out of the other !

I've been receiving some lovely sweet treats for review recently and any blogger who does reviews with kids (or husbands !) in the house will recognise how hard it can be to keep everyone's greedy mitts off the goodies until they've been trialled ! An unmissable post-it note is just the ticket.

And even after they've been reviewed, I might have to use another one to stake my claims !

I also love using post-it notes for writing shopping lists. You can stick them on the fridge while you write them then stick them to your purse or the dashboard of the car so that you don't lose them when you head to the shops.

Any other ideas? How do you use yours?

Disclosure : I received some Post-It notes in order to write an honest review.

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