Saturday, 1 November 2014

So what did you win in October?

I always love hearing about all your amazing (and even your not so amazing !) wins every month so please do leave me a comment below to let me know if this month was a lucky month for you. I didn't win much this month but I didn't enter many competitions either - there could be a connection there ! ;-)

I did win a £10 ASOS voucher on the Switch To Witch competition - Sophie found a 1D T-shirt so that's been spent already !

I managed to nab myself a couple of sachets of porridge and a granola bar by being one of the first to reply to my Nature's Path newsletter

I won a rather funky pink, retro style stapler which will come in handy

And I won a 1D poster too, but it hasn't arrived yet - I seem to be having lots of luck with the 1D competitions on twitter. I've won a 1D book and perfume too already, much to the girls' delight !

Oh, I also won a Hoegaarden glass.

That's it for this month - bit short on wins so hopefully November will be better !

You may like to try your luck at my giveaways :


  1. I won £100 with BritMums for Morning story post. Plan to use it as part payment for a new fridge, as mine is on its last legs. Still waiting for Whitworth's prize which I won at the end of September on Twitter. Bless Sophie and her love of 1D. Did she see the 1D offer on Media Promos? You can get a double-sided poster (pay £1.99 for postage). I will pm you the link if you want.

    1. I did see that but I think she's run out of space on her walls ! I won a poster and got a wall sticker to review too ! She's majorly excited about going to Mme Tussauds to see "them" next weekend !!

  2. I won a £100 ASOS voucher on the first day of the month, then an assortment of small things - I won 5 times on the Zoflora daily comp and got 5 bottles of disinfectant, won a couple of Halloween t-shirts from Hobgoblin, an angel beading kit, child's football, 120 Nectar points, a bottle of Choc Shot and a snail gel skincare product. Already looking forward to all the Christmas Advent competitions ;o)

    1. wow, well done ! Oh yes, advent comps - I need several more hours in the day as it is !

  3. I won a £100 voucher, some beauty products, kid's toys and porridge. Not a bad month.


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