Thursday, 29 October 2015

A chocolatey Halloween ressurrection from Cadbury - vote and win one of 100 special bars !

Forget trick or treat - it's more like treat or treat with Cadbury's Halloween promotion asking you to choose between two bars. I don't actually remember Fuse or Marble but they both sound rather lovely.


The Cadbury ‘Crave-yard’ is stirring and there’s going to be a spook-ilicious chocolaty resurrection. This Halloween choose between two delicious Cadbury bars that are ready to claw their way back to life after a peaceful rest; Cadbury Marble and Cadbury Fuse - but only one can return and that’s up to you!

In what promises to be the most exclusive, supernatural and spook-tacular treat this Halloween, Cadbury is brewing its magical cauldron ready to conjure one of the delicious bars from the mix. Your vote will be thrown into the potion, and count towards which bar comes back and can be won for a limited time only. Voting closes on Halloween, the most ghoulish night of the year and the bar which receives the highest number of votes will then be given away to select lucky winners.

They won’t be available in shops, so voting is the only way you get the chance to win one of the 100 special edition bars. Remember only one delicious treat can be resurrected, so put on your witchy hat and pick wisely!

Which bar do you mourn the return of most…
· Cadbury Fuse packed with raisins, nuts and fudge for a texture sensation

· Cadbury Marble which is a perfect blend of praline, milk and white chocolate

To make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to vote for your favourite, tweet @CadburyUK using the hashtag #CadburyCraveyard and tell them which of the two Craveyard bars you want to bring back this Halloween, or visit the Cadbury UK Facebook page and leave a comment under one of the dedicated Craveyard posts. The winning bar will be revealed on the CadburyUK social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) on All Hallows Eve. To view full terms and conditions visit

Disclosure : I received some lovely chocolate from Cadbury. 


  1. Oh gosh! How spookily wonderful! I'd forgotten all about Cadbury Marble! :)

    1. When were they around? I don't remember them at all !

  2. bars ? how ? to get them ?

    1. Hi Karl, all the details are above - go to their twitter or facebook page, choose your bar and tweet the message to be in the draw. There's even a link to the t&c's :)


  3. · Cadbury Marble


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