Saturday 31 October 2015

The October Pawsomebox (review)

Look how happy Vicky, the Madhouse pooch, is looking. Didou was even more enthusiastic but he was so over-excited, he wouldn't stay in shot for the picture ! So what were they so excited about?

This month's Pawsomebox, packed full of doggie treats and accessories. 

There was lots of energetic tail-wagging and excited snuffling as they tried to discover what was in the box !

As usual, it was a good mix of edible, fun and useful products. There were three foodie items : some Ahoy There! Captain Jack's Salmon Bites (made with 100% salmon, low fat, provides omega 3, helps keep teeth healthy); some tiny square Pet Munchies Liver & Chicken Training Treats (made with beef liver and chicken breast and no artificial additives or preservatives); and a Rawhide Lollipop.

There were two toys. Firstly a Sporty Squeak's vinyl ball with an incredibly loud squeak that made Didou jump then run away and hide, much to our amusement ! We'll be passing this on to the Madhouse grandparents' dogs as they seem to know how to play with doggie toys much more than our two, who are more content to lay around on the settee !

The second toy was an intriguing stuffing-less Cow Toy which you fill with an empty drinks bottle for your pooches to catch and chew and run about with. In theory, because as I've mentioned, our doggies just don't get playtime and they looked at Pierre like he was totally mad when he tried to encourage them to play ! All is not lost though, Pierre has taken it to his room, to stash his treasures or his pyjamas in, he hasn't quite decided yet. He's probably got room for both in there, to be honest !

This month's functional products were poo bags (you can never have too many !) and some fab Towel Off Pet Shampoo which requires no water - this is great for a quick clean up after a walk in the rain on their feet and they really don't enjoy bathtime so I'm sure they appreciate it too !

Vicky and Didou's favourite product from the box is the Salmon Bites. All the humans think they stink and they give the dogs really fishy breath, but the dogs can't get enough of them and go absolutely wild whenever we get out the bag !

Contents of the box vary depending on the size and breed of your dog so have a look at the website to see the full range of products that went out in previous boxes. As well as Pawsome boxes for dogs, there are Purrfect boxes for cats, so your feline friends don't feel left out. 

A monthly subscription costs £19.90, six-monthly works out at £17.90 per month and yearly is the equivalent of £15.90 per month, including delivery. If you love to pamper your pet pooch and you like receiving surprises through the post, this is a great scheme to sign up to.

STOP PRESS ! Pawsomebox have a new Special Edition Christmas Box that is available to order from now only until the 1st of December. The Special Edition Christmas Box is a box of 6 specially chosen products, perfect for those wanting to treat the pets of their friends and family. Plus, delivery is free, and they guarantee it will be delivered before the 25th of December!

 for more information :

Disclosure : We received a box in order to write an honest review.

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