Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri (review)

Would you believe me if I told you I'd been cooking fried eggs on Stonehenge this week ? OK, I admit it, it's nothing to do with the mystical standing stones, it's the name of the stone-derived non-stick coating on the funky Stone Earth Pan that Ozeri sent me through to review recently.

I don't pretend to understand the technology but basically, the natural stone-derived coating from Germany promises non-stick perfection without PFOA, a harmful chemical found in traditional pans, so it doesn't release harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures. The coating is also scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

It comes with a felt inlay to help protect the surface while it's in storage, which is a nice touch - especially if you tend to pile up your saucepans and frying pans like I do to fit them all in the cupboard under the oven !

I first used the pan to make fried egg hoppers for my Sri Lankan feast and I was impressed at how easily the eggs slipped out of the pan with just the tiniest smidgen of oil. Cleaning it really was a piece of cake too - just a quick wipe with a sponge and a bit of washing up liquid was all it took.

Next I made pancakes (yes, they are supposed to be green - they're an Indonesian recipe that I'll be sharing later in the week !) and they didn't stick at all, flipping over effortlessly.

I decided to up the ante and used it to make a sugar syrup - crossing my fingers that this wouldn't totally wreck the pan. I've never seen anything like it - a rubber spatula got every last bit out of the pan and it just needed a quick wipe with the washing up sponge to be clean. I usually have to leave saucepans to soak overnight after making caramel, and even then, they usually don't come out totally unscathed !

I'm totally convinced by the non-stick coating and the fact that it is environmentally-friendly and less toxic than regular non-stick pans is a huge bonus. This pan is slightly small for my needs but it is available in three sizes - 8 inches (20cm), 10 inches (26cm) and 12 inches (30cm). It's pricey but it is a really good quality piece of equipment and the degree of non-stickness (made-up word alert !) has to be seen to be believed.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £39.99 / £44.99 / £49.99 (but currently £19.99 / £24.99 /£29.99 on amazon)

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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