Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Autumn & Halloween crafts with Yellow Moon/Baker Ross (review)

There were squeals of excitement when the Madhouse Mini-testers discovered the contents of the autumn/Halloween-themed box of crafting goodies that Yellow Moon/Baker Ross sent us recently. They were an absolute lifesaver because I had a busy weekend of marking and I was astounded to discover that the kids, even 6-year-old Pierre, managed to complete most of the activities with very little help. They had a great time, I got some peace and quiet - talk about a win-win situation !

I was surprised to see that the first things that caught their eye were the Pesty Pirate Glitter Jet Balls (£2.25 for 6) and the Funky Moustache Stickers (£1.99 for 7) !

These would make great party bag fillers or could be used as part of a Halloween costume.

They could even be used for joining in with Movember, if you don't want to grow a real moustache ! The only problem was, everyone wanted the black one !

Both Juliette and Pierre loved the look of the Halloween Mosaic Wand Kits (£3.99 for 4) and the Day of the Dead Colour-in Masks (£2.95 for 6).

The mosaic wands look fantastic when they are finished so Pierre was really proud of his handiwork. The foam template is covered in sparkly self-adhesive glitter foam tiles, and the wooden stick and ribbons really finish them off nicely.

These will be proudly displayed in the windows in the run up to Halloween.

Pierre totally stunned me by doing the Rugby Keyring and Bag Dangler Kits (normally £2.99 but currently £1.49 for 4) and the Rugby Foam Coasters Kits (normally £3.99 now £1.99 for 6) completely unaided.

I didn't even know he was making them until he proudly came and showed me his creations - one for him and one for me with Maman written on it, how cute is that ?!

There were a few extra rugby shirt stickers left over and Pierre cleverly used these up creating a collage/drawing of a playground with people playing football. I love his creativity !

The Leaf Mosaic Coaster Kits (£3.99 for 6) were next to be made and proudly laid out on the table. For the Hedgehog Pompom Kits (£3.95 for 3), I had to give a bit more guidance because I was shocked to realise that I've never shown them how to make pompoms before. I used to love making them as a child so I'm sure we'll be making lots more of these during the holidays.

The hedgehog bodies look great with the pompoms but Juliette used up the odds and ends of wool to create extra pompoms without bodies and was equally pleased with those.

All of the kits without exception got a great reception. They are simple enough for even young children to make with minimal help, are completely self-contained and produce things that look great and are also useful around the house, which Pierre was very proud of.

This is just a small selection of the products on offer though, so make sure you head over to Yellow Moon to see what else they have - now is the time to stock up on goodies to keep the kids entertained (and away from screens) during the holidays !

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Baker Ross look fantastic! I must get some of their stuff soon.


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