Friday, 30 October 2015

Forget the A-listers, meet the aaaah-listers carved as pumpkins !

A couple of weeks ago, ASDA emailed me and told me about teaming up with world record-holding pumpkin carver David Finkle as their official pumpkin artist for Halloween 2015 to creep out the nation by pumpkin'ing Britain's most fearsome celebrities. I smiled but thought to myself that they probably wouldn't look very true to life. Well how wrong was I ?!

It's incredible to see how intricate and realistic the carvings are - although I'd never realised quite how similar Frankenstein's monster and a certain F word-loving chef look, at least in pumpkin form !

Here's the complete range of designs that David Finkle created. How many can your recognise?

The celebs were all voted as Britain's most fearsome celebrities and they are, in order:

1. Alan Sugar
2. Gordon Ramsay
3. Simon Cowell
4. Katie Hopkins
5. Jeremy Clarkson

Other voted fearsome celebs include José Mourinho, Craig Revel Horwood, Lucy Watson, Gemma Collins and Vicky Pattison. I managed to recognise the first five !

David Finkle, who is known for his pumpkin carving speed, not only holds the Guinness World Record for the number of pumpkins carved in an hour, but also for his uncanny ability to recreate spookily similar likenesses of his subjects. The pumpkins were painstakingly created, with each taking over five hours to complete to ensure the resemblance to each celebrity was alarmingly accurate.

ASDA sent us our very own pumpkin carving kit which we had great fun with, but there's no way we'll be world-record holders any time soon !

David has shared his top tips to help you carve the perfect pumpkin :

1. Cut out the bottom of the pumpkin not the top as this makes you pumpkin more stable. Plus it will last longer and keep its shape better.

2. Try to choose a pumpkin that is lighter in colour as the skin is thinner and easier to carve.

3. Preparation is key, be thorough when cleaning out the insides of the pumpkin. The cleaner it is, the brighter it will glow.

4. Avoid using wax tea lights as they cook the ceiling of the pumpkin and it can get really smelly! There are now battery tea lights which are much safer... I have used red and green lights which look really spooky and will make your carving the best in the street!

5. Avoid using kitchen knives, buy a purpose made Asda pumpkin carving kit for the safest and best results.

Disclosure : We received a pumpkin carving kit.

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