Friday, 16 October 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 16/10/15

Woohoo it's the holidays - time to chill out, have fun with the kids and catch up with my bookmarked recipes :)


lunch - minced beef & onion pies or pasties with potato wedges & peas

dinner - spice-crusted salmon with pomegranate molasses, served with leeks and spicy couscous or rice


lunch - roast chicken dinner

dinner - anchovy & olive fougasse


lunch - crispy chicken pancake rissoles with chips and beans

dinner - spicy tomato & bean soup


lunch - pan hagerty

dinner - homemade pizzas


lunch - parmesan chicken with spaghetti and tomato & basil sauce

dinner - chilli con carne with cheesy mash


lunch - bastichio (Greek lasagne-style pasta bake)

dinner - pastilla (Moroccan spicy chicken filo pastry pie) with couscous  & stewed veggies


lunch - Madhouse kids' choice - proably chicken nuggets and chips ! (and I'll have leftovers - Madhouse Daddy will probably be eating with friends)

dinner -  Turkish kofte meatballs with rice & tomato salsa

Desserts/extras that are still waiting to be made from previous Kitchen Trotter boxes:

Payasam (Sri Lanka)
Maza Morra Antioqueña  (Colombia)
Pasteis de Nata (Portugal)
pita (Greece)
sorrel totoes & Jamaican rice pudding (Jamaica)
Kouglof (Austria)

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  1. I love the meal plan idea, especially as you can then plan ahead and only buy what you need, rather then going into the shop with no idea what you want! Doing it that way I always seem to spend much more money lol

  2. I love this idea, what a great way to plan ahead, so you only buy what you need, rather than going to the shop with no idea what you want and spending a fortune! :)

    1. It cuts down on food waste too - now I've got into the routine,I can't believe I never used to do it!


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