Wednesday 28 July 2010

Nailene Nail Art Stickers - holiday toes !

Yesterday the Fed Ex lady called at our house and when the girls saw the word Nailene, they got really excited ! They recognised the name from when we reviewed some Nailene products last year (review here) and couldn't wait to discover the gorgeous girlie goodies inside the lovely purple gift bag !

They may only be 9 and 5 but they already recognise cute accessories when they see them ! As school is over for the year and we're just about to set off on a fortnight's holiday in Turkey, I promised we'd have a girlie makeover session and give ourselves some holiday toes ! I warned them that the nail art may not survive until the weekend when we leave but I have to admit, for the moment, it's all staying firmly put.

We tried out a mixture of two sets of Bedazzle Nail Art stickers. First up was the Earth Angel set, which will appeal to your inner hippy chick (or should that be hippy chic ?!) with its pretty pastel-coloured flowers, butterflies and hearts as well as silver flowers and glitzy blue jewels. Then, for the ultimate bling-bling, we added some impressively sparkly rhinestone stickers from the Super Star set. The girls were in their element and parading around like mini-divas showing off their princess toes !

In my review last year, I said that the stickers didn't stay on for very long - partly because I didn't have any clear topcoat at hand and partly because I was constantly putting my hands in water. Well, this time we went girlie-girlie and started off with a deep pink basecoat, to really make the nail art stickers stand out, then applied a double layer of clear varnish over the top.

The result was quite impressive - well, the girls were impressed anyway ! And no, I haven't got three feet - that's one foot each ! Don't feet look funny when you really look at them ?! We now have the perfect holiday toes to look funky and fashionable in our open-toed sandals and the girls are even more excited than they already were about going on a plane and parading around the poolside !

The Nail Art Stickers take literally minutes to put on, are really simple to use (I did mess up one sticker when peeling it off the adhesive backing paper by accidentally sticking it to itself but there are well over 100 stickers per pack so I still had plenty to go around - you could even do a whole sleepover and have loads to spare !) and they are ideal for girlie girls of all ages. They're perfect for some special mother-daughter bonding time or as a pyjama party pampering treat and the pocket money prices won't break the bank.

star rating : 4.5/5

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