Tuesday 20 July 2010

Natural Balance Trek Bars

Trek Bars are seriously healthy bars for seriously fit and healthy people. When I was in the climbing club at university, they are exactly the sort of bars we were advised to stuff in our rucksacks before we set off for a day's climbing and walking up mountains to keep our energy levels up. Trek bars' slogan is "natural energy that lasts" and the wrapper explains that it is "a sweet, rich natural wholefood combination of fast and slow-release carbohydrates, protein, fibre, ginkgo biloba and ginseng for sustained alertness, endurance, recovery and hunger control". That means that even if you're not climbing up mountains, they can be good for staying on top form during exams or other times you're in for a long slog, such as giving birth or looking after hyperactive kids !

The label tells us that they are wholefood energy bars that are 100% natural with no added sugar and are high in protein, each bar containing 11g. They also taste really nice and you can tell from the flavours that they are packed full of natural goodness rather than artificial additives. There are three flavours - Cocoa Brownie (94% fat free), Mixed Berry (98% fat free) and Peanut & Oat (89% fat free). That doesn't mean they're a good option for dieters though as one 68g bar contains 239 calories - where do you think all that energy comes from ?!

If I take the Peanut & Oat bar as an example, the ingredients list is reassuringly short : Raw dates (38%), Raw Raisins (12%), Oats, Raw Peanuts (12%), Soya Crispies (10%), Peanut Butter (7%), Apple Juice, Maize Starch, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ginseng Extract and a hint of natural flavours. Nothing chemical or artificial at all, just the best ingredients from nature's larder.

I also tasted the Trek Protein Flapjacks, which come in two varieties : Oat Crunch and Cherry Crunch. Each 56g bar packs in 10g of protein which, they explain, helps you feel full and energized for longer. I absolutely love the flavour of the Cherry Crunch flapback which contains the Nakd Cherry Infused Raisins that I recently reviewed here.

They are absolutely delicious and even if they're not exactly low calorie, they are a much healthier option than a typical chocolate bar or bag of crisps and will keep you fuller for longer, as well as providing your body with nutrients from all the healthy ingredients packed in them.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £0.99 per bar

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