Wednesday 7 July 2010

Calma C - Calcium & magnesium drink designed for teething babies & stressed adults

All mums know the warning signs - nappy rash, red cheeks, grizzly baby who keeps putting things in his mouth - the poor little mite is teething and there's very little you can do to help ease his pain. Grannies and mother-in-laws often have old wives' tale-type remedies, like rubbing gums with a sugar cube to help the teeth break through, but this is advised against by doctors (and I wouldn't think covering brand new baby teeth with sugar is a good idea anyway !).

Higher Natural have a possible solution that could be worth a try - Calma C. It's a Calcium and Magnesium drink with Vitamin C that is said to be "ideal for children (especially when teething) and for adults who want to wind down".

It's dead easy to use - you just add a teaspoonful to boiling water, stir until it dissolves then add the ingredient of your choice to taste (honey, fruit juice, herb tea ... you might feel like trying it with neat vodka if the constant grizzling is getting to you but they don't put that one on the list, funnily enough !).

According to the website, one well-rounded teaspoon (3.5g) typically provides : 120mg Calcium, 1.25µg Vitamin D2, 78.3mg Vitamin C, 90mg Magnesium, 301mg Citric acid, 14mg Malic acid. Personally speaking, I'd check with the doctor before giving it to a tiny baby, because here in France, they automatically give multivitamin drops to babies so I'd be worried about overdosing on them (can you overdose on vitamins ?!). However, I tried a cup of lemon tea with a spoonful mixed in and it did seem to make me relax - although that could have had something to do with the fact that I'd just packed all three kids off to bed too !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £13.60 for 140g

for more information and to buy online :


  1. Sounds like it would not only be good for teething but for flu season etc

  2. Yeah, probably - with the added vitamin C :-)

  3. I am gonna buy it. I am a coffee drinker, so always need a magnesium.


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