Friday 23 July 2010

Green People & Organic Children Sun Lotion

Having reviewed some of Green People's products in the past, I was more than happy to test out some of their sun lotions, knowing in advance that the products would be not only top quality but also kind to the planet and to sensitive skin. What more can a girl (and a mum) ask for ?

We tested the Organic Children Sun Lotion and the Green People Sun Lotion, both in SPF25 and offering UVA and UVB protection. I was initially slightly concerned about factor 25 seeming a bit low
because I normally buy the highest factor available to be on the safe side. However, Green People have some very interesting information on this topic that I was surprised to read. They explain : "SPF30 sun screens do not offer twice the protection of SPF15 ... SPF15 offers 93% protection against UVB rays, while SPF30 offers 97% protection against UVB rays. In fact, the highest SPF100 still only offers 99% protection. It is more important to apply regularly and liberally. Apply half as much SPF100 as recommended and your protection will only be SPF10! " Wow, all these years I've been buying sun creams and I never knew that !

Charlotte Vøhtz, Founder of Green People says, "It is really important that you apply a generous amount of sunscreen (30ml to cover your body / one shot glass) every 2 hours you are in the sun. New research indicates that under-applying significantly reduces the SPF achieved and the higher the SPF rating the greater the reduction. Under-applying an SPF70 will only offer SPF8.4, whereas under-applying SPF25 will decrease to SPF5." Top advice is therefore to smother yourselves in it, whatever factor you've chosen, and reapply regularly. Also don't forget to throw out last year's suncream as the degree of protection diminishes over time.

Right, armed with this new knowledge, time to slather it all over the kids (and myself of course, even if I'm planning on staying in the shade with baby Pierre) and head to the park. Both lotions come out as quite thick creams so I was really impressed to see how easily and how completely they were absorbed by the skin - there was no greasiness or stickiness and no white residue on the skin at all. Sophie and Juliette didn't complain at all, as they often do, saying that it feels yucky, probably because it was absorbed easily without the need for me to rub it inot their skin for ages ! The sun lotions are both scent free and therefore gentle for sensitive skin. The children's version is 81% organic and contains organic aloe vera, edelweiss and elderflower. The grown up version is 82% certified organic, contains edelweiss, green tea and avocado and is water resistant.

I love it when companies manage to create natural products, offering pampering treats and protection straight from Nature's well-stocked larder, and that's exactly what Green People do. All Green People sun lotions contain a blend of earth minerals and a UV filter derived from cinnamic acid, found in cinnamon oil and edelweiss. The products include natural antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C & E which come from green tea, olive, avocado and rosemary extract which help support the skin’s immune system and protect against cell damage, helping to avoid premature ageing. Echinacea, myrrh and aloe vera are added to the sun care range for their soothing, healing and moisture binding properties.

I was really impressed with the way the products felt, the lovely chemical nasty-free ingredients list and the fact that we all came home from the park with absolutely no sunburn at all. Top marks for everything !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Children's Sun Lotion £14.75 for 150ml, Adult Sun Lotion £16.75 for 200ml

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