Wednesday 28 July 2010

New widget from Lands' End to help you decide what to grow in your garden

The techie folk at Lands' End have come up with a great new widget to help you choose what you can grow in your garden or on your patio so that even if you haven't got green fingers, you can make the most of your plnting space. You choose the different options - in pots or in beds, in shade or in bright sunlight, which season and so on - and the clever little widget does the rest. It's really simple to use and comes up with some great ideas. We grow cherry tomatoes on the patio and there's nothing like the satisfaction of eating something you've grown yourself - and the girls get all excited and more inspired to eat fresh fruit and vegetables too. They also got really enthusiastic about growing sunflowers too and learnt a lot about looking after nature so it's got to be worth a go !

You can try out the widget here :

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