Wednesday 7 July 2010

Flexitol Blistop

The sun is out and the girls dragged me off to the shops yesterday to buy new flipflops and sandals to see them through the summer months. The only trouble is, whenever they buy new shoes, I know that after an afternoon playing outside, they'll come home whining about their feet being sore. The red patches or sometimes blisters that invariably form seem to be an unavoidable part of the breaking-in-new-shoes scenario.

I therefore jumped at the chance when I was offered some new Flexitol Blistop to try out. It comes in a little spray-can that is perfect for stashing in your handbag - it would even fit in the teeny-tiny one that you take on a night out clubbing !

It creates an invisible layer of film, like a second-skin, to prevent friction and protect the skin on your feet where blisters are likely to occur. It is totally invisible so it won't interfere with your strappy sandals but if you use it with trainers or normal shoes, it doesn’t rub off easily or leave a residue on your shoes or socks.

According to the label, it is water resistant and micro-aerated so it will keep out moisture but still allow the skin to breathe. The spray is eye-wateringly strong so I recommend you take the "do not smoke when using this product" warning seriously ! I sprayed it on Sophie's feet this morning, where the skin looked sore and red and after breaking in her new sandals yesterday. I hadn't noticed that there was a tiny pin-prick sized break in the skin so she leapt around the room on one foot shouting "it stiiiings" for a while ! After a couple of hours playing outside, she did come in and say that her sandals had stopped rubbing though so it obviously works. Aaahhh no more whining for the day, bliss ! (Well, not about sore feet anyway !)

It can also be used on hands so if you're planning on gardening or doing DIY and you don't want to get blisters on your hands, you might want to spray some of this on the offending areas at the first sign of redness or soreness. Prevention is better than cure, as my nan used to say !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.99 for 32.5ml (50 applications)


  1. Sounds brilliant !
    New shoes always mean complaining.

  2. I tried it out with plimsolls and no socks yesterday - no rubbing at all. Definitely one that will be living in my bag for emergencies !

  3. This does work well under heavy use use inconjunction with moles skin.


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