Wednesday 28 July 2010

Recipe : Frozen Eyeball Juice - from Bottlegreen

The lovely people at Bottlegreen sent through this fabulously ghoulish kiddie cocktail for Halloween but I think the kids would love to consume this by the (sick-)bucketload all through the summer !

Frozen Eyeball Juice

For scaring the living daylights out of your friends at Halloween, why not make these fabulously refreshing slushy drinks with bottlegreen Elderflower Sorbet? Decorate them with edible “eyeballs” made with canned lychees stuffed with green grapes and glace cherries, speared onto cocktail sticks. The kids will love them!

Serves 6
10 scoops bottlegreen Elderflower Sorbet
300ml (1/2 pint) sparkling water
6 canned lychees, drained
6 green grapes
Thin slices from 3 glace cherries
Cocktail sticks

Scoop the bottlegreen Elderflower Sorbet into a large jug and add the sparkling water. Use a whisk to mix them together to give a slushy consistency. Share between 6 small glasses.

For the “eyeballs”, stuff each lychee with a grape and stick a small slice of glace cherry in each one. Spear onto cocktail sticks and arrange on the glasses.

Serve at once, before they melt.

Cook’s Note: You could use raisins or sultanas instead of the glace cherries – just make a small hole in the grapes with a knife or skewer and then poke them in!

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  1. I realise they're supposed to be eyeballs, but they look really quite stylish!


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