Sunday 18 July 2010


I was recently approached by Lucy Rose, an award-winning natural beauty website, to test Ecz-Easy, a totally natural but high-performance balm for dealing with eczema and dry skin. I love the ethos behind Lucy Rose, who promise they use a "fastidious vetting process" in order to "guarantee genuinely natural products, which are not in the slightest bit tainted with chemicals, animal testing or unethical production". Right, I love the company (especially as another big plus point is that postage and packing is free on every UK order !) - now what about the product itself ?

Well I'm going to have to be honest and say that there are things I love but also things I hate about this product. To start with the positive, this is a highly effective and intensely-nourishing cream that will offer some serious TLC to very sore or damaged skin. As they explain on the Inlight website, "The balms and oils from Inlight organic skincare are the result of years of research by Dr Mariano Spiezia who is a medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist. The result is a range of highly effective skincare products which use the very best organic ingredients, such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and delicately scented essential oils, chosen for their natural therapeutic and preservative qualities."

Ecz-Easy contains an impressive list of natural ingredients, all of which offer calming or healing properties : Jojoba & Evening Primrose Oils (nourishing, rich in Vitamin E, antioxidant) ; Black Cumin Seed Oil (containing over 100 beneficial constituents including the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6) ; Marigold & Plantain (calming, anti-inflammatory) ; Chickweed (soothing, calms itching). The website describes it as a "powerful healing organic balm with natural anti-histamine, antioxidant and anti-infective properties" and states that it is suitable for vegetarians and is compatible with homeopathic treatment (does that mean it is incompatible with non-homeopathic treatments ? You might want to check if you have non-natural histamine creams, before combining them).

Sophie had a slight outbreak of eczema the other day and complained that the little red patch of skin on her leg was very itchy. I therefore offered her the tube of Ecz-Easy and she squeezed a little bit on to her finger and rubbed it on her leg. It did seem to calm the itching almost instantaneously.

However, I did mention that there were aspects I didn't like. Firstly, it does stay on the surface of the skin, presumably so that it can work its magic for a longer period of time, but Sophie complained that it felt greasy and yucky and wiped it off with a tissue. Secondly, it is bright yellow in the tube and, although the intensity of the colour is reduced once you rub it in your skin, I'd still be wary of the yellow colour or the greasy residue staining your clothes or anything you touch. Sophie also hated the smell - I had a good sniff and it seems quite pleasant to me, natural and herby, but it is unlike other often fragrance-free creams so I can understand that it might not be to everyone's taste (or smell).

As Sophie is the chief skin treatment-tester and she didn't like it, I can't give it top marks but I do love the natural, eco-friendly, organic nature of this product and all the others available at Lucy Rose.

star rating : 3.5/5

RRP : £13.55 for 45ml

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