Saturday 24 July 2010

Sun Sense Toddler Milk SPF50

Well, the school holidays have now kicked off and the sun is back - yayy ! So I've been testing numerous brands of sun creams over the past few days. The good news is, they all seem to work really well because nobody has had any sunburn at all.

On the hot seat (or should that be the hot skin ?!) today was Sun Sense Toddler Milk. It's SPF 50, high protection (blocking UV-A and UV-B rays) and is carefully formulated for children's delicate skin. It's also water-resistant for 40 minutes, which is great for kids who are constantly running around getting sweaty or having water fights, even when they're nowhere near a pool !

This is the first sun cream that I have ever used as a roll-on - it's just like one of the roll-on deodorants - and I have to admit, I wasn't keen on this method of application. I found it time-consuming and Juliette said it hurt when I tried to apply it to her arms and shoulders. Don't let this put you off though - having checked on the website, it is available as a 50 ml roll-on or a 250 ml bottle. The advantage of the roll-on is that it's small enough to leave in your handbag or pocket so you can constantly have it to hand when needed.

The milk is runny enough to be easily applied but thick enough to look like it offers serious protection. It rubs quickly and easily into the skin leaving a gorgeous scent but absolutely no greasiness or white residue.

I also love the fact that Sun Sense is made in Australia and tested to Australian standards. If it can cope with Aussie sun, I'm sure it can deal with anything the UK can throw at us !

The one little thing that put me off slightly was the roll-on applicator and, as I said earlier, the Toddler Milk is also available in classic bottle format so you can take your pick.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £7.25 for 50ml roll-on

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  1. have to agree about the roll on. We had one last year and i thought it would be much easier to apply - i was totally wrong, it was a nightmare, i would definately go for the lotion instead!

  2. It's a good idea in theory for applying to wriggly babies but I didn't get on with it. Each to their own though !


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