Friday 23 July 2010

Jeep School Bags

I know, I know - the kids are barely on holiday and I'm already blogging about a school bag ! But if you're anything like me, you'll be getting all the stuff bought in for the next school year well in advance to avoid the last minute panic.

I'd never heard of Jeep bags but, having researched them online a bit, they're a really well-known company.... for making Jeeps ! "Jeep is one of the most recognised brands in the world and has become as much a way of life as a car to drive. Since Willys-Overland registered Jeep as a trademark in 1950, mastery, authenticity, freedom and adventure have become the hallmarks of the brand and the basis for its 4x4 leadership worldwide. The Jeep Lifestyle range reflects this globally recognized symbol of freedom and rugged adventure." Aha, that explains why it has the slogan "Live Without Limits" on the little Jeep logo on the front of the bag then !

The first thing that Sophie noticed was the colour - "oooh it's bright pink" she enthused ! I was more impressed with the number of pockets - it's like a Tardis ! And just when you think you've found all the little secret places to hide things, you find a load more !

The front of the bag clips open with a sturdy buckle (like the kind you get on pushchair harnesses). You're immediately faced with the whole front panel covered in different sized pockets for pens, bus card, canteen card, a little zip up mesh pocket for loose change or bus tickets, plus two bigger pockets that would be handy for snacks or a can of drink. There's also a clip for you to attach your keys or phone or MP3 player or whatever else you're planning on getting confiscated for the day (I'm a teacher, I know these things !).

Behind this panel of pockets, you have the main interior of the bag, plenty big enough for A4 sized folders and textbooks, which also has - you've guessed it ! - two inbuilt pockets for pencil cases, homework diaries, rough books, etc. But if you close the bag and turn it round to the back, you can start all over again ! The whole back panel of the bag zips open offering an identical big interior section with two more pockets. The external back panel also zips open to reveal a long, wide, flat pocket that can be unzipped at the top and bottom. Even the sides offer a deep mesh pocket ideal for a phone or pencil case and three gaps for holding a pen, pencil and ruler on the other side. I have honestly never seen so many pockets built into one bag !

Another thing I'm impressed with is how robust it all seems. The inner pockets don't seem at all flimsy or fragile like many liners that split within days. The zips are all extremely solid with chunky rubber zipper tags. The carry straps are firmly attached and look unlikely to fray.

They have also taken comfort into account, giving you an adjustable strap and also a cushioned pad with a breathable lining to protect your shoulder. It's also incredibly light. Is there anything they haven't thought of ? Well, apparently not ! "Perfect for giving teens and tweens the confidence to go back to school in style, this range of durable, well-fitting backpacks are designed to increase comfort and ensure good weight transfer between shoulders and hips, putting less strain on growing spines. Parents will love the range too as Jeep epitomises hard wearing and durability, ensuring the normal rough and tumble of an average school day won’t leave them looking for a new bag at the end of the first term! But that’s not all, the Jeep range of rucksacks are wipe clean, waterproof and are easily carried with two shoulder straps which fit comfortably over children’s shoulders giving maximum comfort and control."

First thing I can tick off the back to school list then !

star rating : 5/5

Jeep’s Back to School Range is available from Antler, Travel Style, Forest and various independent travel stores. The Jeep Backpacks start from £20, Jeep Floral Backpacks from £16, Shoulder Bags from £15, Gym Bags from £6, Waistbags from £6, Wallets from £5.

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  1. i like the bag but do you know where i can find the roller bags...

    1. I don't I'm afraid, I know I had a great deal of trouble trying to find information online about the bag I was sent to review. Have you tried amazon ?

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