Monday 5 July 2010

Munchkin Snack Catcher

Last year, I reviewed the Snack Trap Anti-Spill Snack Cup (here) which was brilliant, but I had to throw it away because one of the kids left it on the floor and the puppy thoroughly enjoyed chewing it to bits ! A few weeks ago, this Snack Catcher from Munchkin arrived for me to review and the kids (not to mention me !) were thrilled to be able to eat mess-free snacks again. No more being banished from the sofa or banned from the car while they eat their nibbles !

It works in exactly the same way as the Snack Trap - the soft flaps let you push in your hand and pull it back out (but not if you've been a greedy pig and tried to grab too many munchies in one go !!) but will stop your snacks from falling out if you accidentally knock it over. I did the ultimate test and turned it right upside down after filling it a third full with Nestlé's Lion Cereal - which, if you're unfamiliar with it, is full of pretty small bits. Not a single piece fell out.
As they're quite big, holding 9 ounces of snacks (sorry, they're made in America - I don't what that is in grams !), they're large enough for the average kid-sized snack. The label says they are suitable from age 12 months plus, so I gave one to Pierre to try out (he'll be 1 year old in a fortnight !) and, although he didn't push his hand in to pull out snacks, he didn't manage to pull the lid off and he did enjoy using the handles as a teething ring ! It's obviously quite sturdy as his two teeth didn't leave the slightest mark on the plastic.

I love the added feature on the bottom of the cup (which I almost missed and only noticed because I read the label when writing the review !) which has a place to write your child's name. No more fighting over which Snack Catcher belongs to which child and if you send it off to day care, it should make its way home again !

Another advantage of the lid, especially now that the summer is upon us, is that as well as keeping the contents in, it will keep flies and wasps out if you're having a picnic or snacking out in the garden.

On their twitter biography, Muchkin describe themselves as a "manufacturer of clever products designed to make parents’ lives easier and more exciting because we know it’s the Little Things that make the biggest difference". This is clear when you look at some of the clever, parent-friendly features that they've added to the Snack Catcher - little finger cleaning bumps for keeping nearby surfaces cleaner and a protective bottom that keeps tabletops scratch-free.

It's great to see a product that is kid-friendly and also parent-friendly. I don't know who loves it more - me or the kids !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.49

For more details visit or call 0871 702 1000 for stockists.
available in Wilkinsons stores

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