Wednesday 21 July 2010

Graco Nautilus Group 1-2-3 Car Seat - Group 2 (Juliette's review)

Well, after my review as a Mum and Sophie's review in group 3 position, it's over to 5-year-old Juliette to review the Graco Nautilus in group 2 position. Ready Juliette ?

-*squeeeeeealllllll* My turn, my turn, my turn ... can I sit in it now Mum ? Can I ? Can I ? Can we go out for a drive ? C'mon Mum, can we ? Can we ?

- OK Juliette, calm down a bit ! I take it you like the new car seat then ?

- Yesssss, it's really really good and it's my turn. Oww it's heavy. Come on Mum, I need you to help me put it in the car.

Well, very slight problem - Juliette is right on the limit between group 1 and group 2 so I couldn't really decide which position to use. The instruction booklet says that it's safest to use the harness for as long as possible and she still just about fits in it with the harness comfortably so that's what we're going with at the moment. When we get the thicker winter clothes out though, we'll need to remove the harness and strap her in with the car seatbelt. I gave that a go too and she's still really securely and comfortably attached, thanks to the nifty seatbelt guide.

- Mummy ? Mummy ? MUMMY ?! Can I have a drink ? Oh no, it's alright Mum, I've got one here in my sippy cup. Can I have a sweet ? Oooh I've got some of those too ! And some colouring pencils - and wow, I've got a little colouring book and a notepad waiting for me in my secret stash pockets on the side of my seat. Oooh I can hide all my secret toys and sweets and treasure in there and Sophie and Pierre won't even know they're in there.

*snoooooooooore* *snufffly snuffle* Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

A few miles on, the excitement has proved too much and Juliette has fallen asleep. The supportive headrest keeps her sitting comfortably upright in her seat, much to the delight of big sister Sophie who sits in the middle and usually ends up having to put up with a snoring, dribbling, sweaty little sister 's head on her shoulder ! Juliette wakes up in a much better mood than after her usual mid-journey snooze because she hasn't got neckache or a bump on the head after being woken up by her head ricocheting off the window !

Conclusion : Two happy, comfortable, well-rested sisters. Lots of handy little pockets that were carefully filled in advance with secret treats and surprises to avoid the inevitable "I'm bored" whining. Huge smiles all round - especially on Mum and Dad's faces !

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  1. Looks comfy actually ... I could do with one, I always fall asleep in the car.
    I can see what you mean about the seatbelts though, just do whats safest even if it isn't what most comfortable.

  2. You've sold it to me, just for the headrest alone and I agree with Anna, super comfy, I want a seat with that headrest, I wake with my head banging on the window, or a stiff neck, my children often wake in a grump as they can't movetheir necks well. Oh and I also want little storage pockets so I can hide sweets. heehee!!! What a great seat and with the safety aspects it really rocks!

  3. I'm totally there - I really want one! It looks really comfy and totally flexible. Well written review Juliette :)

  4. Wow....comfort as well as well positioned holders for lollies - a winning combo.
    Juliette looks very happy in her car seat, with Mum happy in the knowledge that she is safe.
    What a terrific car seat. The makers have thought of everything !

  5. LOL Jo - I'm with you ! I wish my seat in the front had such a supportive headrest and I so want the secret sweetie stash pockets too !!

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