Friday 23 July 2010

Be Sun Savvy & Beat the Heat - Top Tips from Green People

I've just reviewed some adult and child sun lotion from Green People (here) and discovered lots of things about sun cream that I didn't know - did you ?
The Bad News:
• A third of people do not use sunscreen when sunbathing
• More than 75,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year
• 60% of 16 to 24 year olds anticipate getting sunburnt on holiday
• Sunburn can double the risk of developing skin cancer
• Around 10% of the population also suffer from prickly heat
• Applying too little sunscreen has been shown to significantly reduce protection from the sun
Remember: SPF30 sun screens do not offer twice the protection of SPF15 ... SPF15 offers 93% protection against UVB rays, while SPF30 offers 97% protection against UVB rays. In fact, the highest SPF100 still only offers 99% protection. It is more important to apply regularly and liberally.
Banish prickly heat!
Prickly heat is an irritating red rash that appears on the skin after sun exposure. Aggravated by the use of waterproof sun lotions with ingredients such as Silicones, Siloxanes, Trimethicones and Petrochemicals that prevent the skin from breathing. The first way to reduce prickly heat is to reduce the amount you sweat.
Green People’s 5 quick tips for reducing prickly heat
• Stay in the shade and avoid the sun
• Wear loose-fitting, cool clothes
• Shower in cool water regularly
• Drink more water than usual
• Use an organic, natural sun lotion
Don’t be fooled by ultra-high SPFs!

Regularly apply lots of sunscreen to stay safe in the sun this summer – don’t just use an ultra-high SPF and assume you’ll be protected all day. Many people buy SPF100 lotions because they feel that they are significantly better than lower SPF sunscreens. However, as the table below shows, the difference is actually quite slight.

SPF % / UVB rays blocked
SPF100 / 99%
SPF50 / 98%
SPF25 / 96%
SPF15 / 93%

It simply isn’t necessary for most people to use an ultra-high SPF sunscreen when such a high percentage of rays are blocked. Stay protected: Apply plenty & often
In order to gain the advertised protection on your sunscreen, you need to apply a full shotglass (30ml) every 2 hours. If you don’t apply enough, you’ll massively reduce the amount of protection you are getting.

Apply half as much SPF100 as recommended and your protection will only be SPF10!
Reapplying is important because it renews the UVA protection you are getting, as the sun breaks down the sun lotion’s UVA filter over time. If you don’t reapply after 2 hours, the UVA rays won’t burn you but they will penetrate deep into your skin where they can cause long-term skin damage.

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