Friday 16 July 2010

Graco Nautilus Group 1-2-3 Car Seat - Group 3 (Sophie's review)

Handing over the reviewing reigns to guest blogger of the day, 9-year-old Sophie, who has been testing out the funky Graco Nautilus in group 3 position today.


First of all, it was very funny because Mum couldn't work out how to fit the booster seat in the car. She was trying to fit the big enormous car seat strap and buckle through a tiny slot at the back of the seat and it wouldn't fit. Then she realised that there was an extra small strap with a buckle in a little bag with the instruction manual that she'd forgotten about ! Once she'd found that, it was really easy though and she just had to adjust the seatbelt strap a little bit so that it fitted properly on my shoulder and then we were ready to go.

I thought it was really comfortable and there was loads of room to sit it in. Normally I'm a bit squashed in my other booster seat but not in this one, it's really big like an aeroplane seat. Also if we went around the corners really really fast, the car seat didn't move at all.

What is really really good is the cup holder. Mum doesn't like us drinking in the car because we always have to stop for a toilet stop so I used it to store all my stuff instead - I could put my mp3 player, lip balm and Mum lent me her phone so that I could play on the games because I kept saying I was bored. Oh and a pack of sweets. And that was before I even noticed the two other pockets on the sides for keeping even more stuff. Mum put in a sick bag, my Sea-Bands, a packet of wipes and a packet of tissues but there was still loads of space for my Nintendo DS Lite and all my games. I normally have to put things on the floor and then get told off because I tread on them when I get out of the car so I really like the little secret hiding places for my things.

I really like the Nautilus seat because it's really comfortable, it looks really grown up, I'm not all squashed in and the seatbelt didn't cut into my neck like it usually does. And it's funny because we call it the Naughty Seat because that sounds like Nautilus !

(Note from Mum - spelling corrections courtesy of me ! And we didn't drive around any corners really really fast, honestly !)


Well there you have it ! Out of the mouths of babes ... ! Next up will be Juliette, reviewing the group 2 position, but I'll have to type on her behalf ! (I might actually be able to censor that one then !!)

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  1. LOL Busted by your kids ! Great guest blogpost Sophie, well done !


  2. Nice work Sophie, its great to hear what you think about it :)

  3. Lol I love the secret storage, means sweets stay safe from brotheres and sisters too

  4. I have heard only good things about this seat. However, looking at the pictures, Sophie is not safe! No head and neck support,as her shoulders are at the top of the headrest. A child's EARS need to be below the top of the headrest.

  5. Thanks very much for pointing this out. That was just for the photos though so that you could see the booster seat - usually she's in the middle with a built in head support on the back of the seat. :-)


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