Monday 5 July 2010

Dinochews Kids' Multivitamins

Last year, I was sent some Nordic Berries Multivitamin Gummies for the girls to test (review here) and I was amazed at how well they went down. I was therefore keen to try out the Dinochews kids' multivitamins to see how they compared.

The Higher Nature website describes them as "irresistible multivitamin and mineral chewables with a dinosaur design, sweetened with fruit and sorbitol (a natural sweetener)". I was therefore expecting a chewy, gelatinous texture but they are actually quite chalky and brittle. They reminded me of the little Parma Violet sweets I used to eat when I was a kid ! Juliette liked them and asks for one after meals but Sophie didn't like the powdery, chalky aftertaste, and I have to admit, I agree with her.

If you desperately want your child to take a multivitamin and don't mind being a bit sneaky, the website also suggests that you could crush them and sprinkle them on desserts. That would certainly get around the problem if your kids don't like the taste !

Juliette absolutely loves the different dinosaur shapes and always asks me to tip out a pile so that she can sift through and select her favourite shape to eat. Little boys and dinosaur enthusiasts of both sexes would be absolutely delighted with the variety of dinosaurs in each pot.
According to the website, the Dinochews "provide optimum levels of all nutrients, including high potency minerals" There are a few people who should avoid them though - they contain Vitamin A so you should not take them if pregnant or planning pregnancy and they may not be suitable for people with a fish or crustacean allergy. They are however suitable for vegetarians and are not tested on animals.

The dosage sounds a bit complicated to me - "children 4 years and over, chew 1 tablet a day for every 3 years of age up to a maximum of 3 tablets a day". The tablets contains iron, which - according to the label - can be harmful to small children if taken in excessive quantities, so make sure your kids realise they are "medicine" and not sweets. Also note that B vitamins may turn urine bright yellow but that it is perfectly normal so don't worry if this happens !

If your kids don't mind the chalky, Parma Violets-type taste, Dinochews offer a fun, kid-friendly way to get them to take multi-vitamins. Anyone under the age of 10 is guaranteed to love the packaging and the dinosaur shaped tablets.

star rating : 3/5

RRP : £5.40 for 30, £13.90 for 90, £26.85 for 180

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