Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Vtriker Elite 3-Wheel scooter review

Sophie was absolutely over-the-moon when I told her we'd be receiving a Vtriker Elite 3-Wheel scooter to review, and she wasn't disappointed when it arrived. Well, she was actually but only because it was pouring hard and blowing a gale so she couldn't go straight outside and test it. She sat wistfully looking at the box and reading the blurb for the rest of the afternoon, biding her time !

As soon as a very watery sun put in an appearance, she armed herself with an Allen key (while I was tied up making Pineapple Upside Down Cake with the two smallest Madhouse Mini-testers !), put the whole thing together all by herself and was off ! She's very tall for an 11-year-old so was really pleased to see that it's the perfect height for her, unlike the other scooters she's tried which always give her backache because she's hunched over.

She used to have a 3-Wheel scooter that she loved riding around the neighbourhood until it broke, so she jumped straight on and starting doing the in-out leg movements. Sounds like a great way of working out your thigh muscles actually - maybe I should have a go myself ! This scissor action powers the scooter - putting one foot on the floor to push yourself along is so old hat ! - so you can have fun moving your legs faster to increase your speed. I wasn't joking when I said it was good exercise !

But the Vtriker Elite has some other funky moves that you can work on mastering. You can twist your body one way and push your opposite foot out so it looks like you're speed-skating or you can move your body and feet to one side as you steer the other way so that you slalom.

Sophie went zooming around the car park, weaving in and out, zigzagging all over the place, before pulling up next me and coming to a smooth stop to give me her first impressions. "It's brilliant" was all she had time to say before working her legs to head off again - but her thousand-watt smile had already told me that much !

After 45 minutes, she came in to get a drink - she wasn't bored of it but she had achey legs, she told me ! - so I asked her if she had any other feedback. She said that compared to her other 3-wheel scooter, it's a smoother ride, is easier to balance on and has better brakes because you don't gt smacked in the stomach with the handle bars every time you brake like she did with the old one.

That was all I managed to get out of her before she headed off for a few more laps of the car park - which says it all, I think !

Another thing that Sophie is really happy about is that it's designed for older kids - in particular 7-14 year olds - so Pierre definitely won't be able to use it and I'm very doubtful that Juliette would have the strength in her legs to get it working properly either. She hasn't counted on the fact that I might keep pinching it to have a go when nobody's looking though - all in the name of burning calories, obviously (ahem !).

It's really well-made - if it didn't look solid, I wouldn't be contemplating having a go ! - and has some very well thought-out features, such as safety grip handles, non-slip footplates and a dual braking system designed to minimise the risk of accidents. The box seemed really heavy but I think it was more awkward than heavy to carry because the scooter itself only weighs 9kg.

You hear so much these days about kids who spend all their time in front of the TV or computer so this would be the ideal toy to tempt them outside burning off some energy. As well as being great exercise, it's brilliant fun.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £69.99

for more information : www.vtriker.com

Disclosure : We received a Vtriker Elite 3-Wheel scooter in order to write an honest review.

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