Sunday 18 November 2012

DaisychainBaby Toddler Clothes review

When I saw a tweet go by recently asking for people with toddlers and babies to review some clothing from DaisychainBaby, I jumped at the chance. They have a fabulous reputation for organic, ethically-produced and, above all, incredibly funky clothes so I couldn't wait to see if they'd live up to my very high expectations.

They kindly sent me through this gorgeous Little Green Radicals stripey hoody and matching joggers which are lovely and brightly coloured. If you're thinking that they're TOO brightly coloured, fear not - they are also reversible and the other side is a much tamer navy blue with stripey detail. (The stripey knee pads are only on the baby sizes, the toddler ones are plain blue but you get the stripey detail when you roll up the bottom of the trousers.)

Now, I have to admit, I actually prefer the blue side or I'd mix and match one stripey with one navy, but Pierre is absolutely adamant that he wants to wear both parts on the stripey side because it's prettier ! You can see in the photo how proud he looks ! They're incredibly thick and wonderfully soft so they're perfect for snuggling up on the sofa for a nap or playing outside and keeping the chills at bay. I also love the fact that, as they're reversible, any mucky bits can be sneakily hidden by whipping them off and turning them inside out until you get home and throw them in the wash ! They're made of organic Fairtrade cotton. My only regret is that they don't come in adult sizes because they look so comfortable and snuggly, I'd definitely buy a pair for lounging around the house in !

Now, I must be honest, the final item that I was offered did make me do a bit of a doubletake when I first read the email - tights or legwarmers for boys. Hmmm not sure ! Looking through the designs (aimed at boys AND girls), they do have totally unisex (or I'd even say boy-oriented) pictures like skulls and crossbones, planes, owls and spiders on them. I opted for the legwarmers though, because they're easier to put on. I asked Pierre to pick a pair, thinking he'd go for the blue monkey ones or the rainbow stripes but he went for brightly coloured stars with pink trim !

Juliette has definitely got her eye on these though and keeps telling Pierre they're meant to be for girls, not boys, so that he'll give them to her ! Whoever ends up with them, they're great for keeping trouser bottoms snugly tucked into boots or keeping ankles warm when your leggings have started getting too short !

All of the clothes were a major hit with the kids and as a parent, I love the ethical, eco-friendly aspect too.

DaisychainBaby have kindly offered an exclusive discount code for Madhouse Family Reviews readers - code DCBMHF will get you 15% off your order.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £16 for the reversible joggers, £24 for the reversible hoody, £10 for the legwarmers

for more information :

Disclosure : I received some clothes from DaisychainBaby in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I have had some items from DaisyChainBaby before and they were fabulous, I love those stripey bottoms and top,

  2. loving the reversable track suit


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