Monday 12 November 2012

Master Moves Mickey review

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Back in the summer, we were sent a fabulous Master Moves Mickey toy to play with so that the Madhouse Mini-Testers could copy some of his moves and dance along with him. I had to wait until the toy was officially launched to tell you about it so he's been at The Madhouse for several months now but he's still being played with just as much and he still has that wow-factor. I love watching people's faces the first time they see him because they are all always totally awe-struck  and, without fail, ask to press his nose to start him off again! He speaks and dances, twisting on the spot, throwing himself on the floor and getting back up again. It really is quite amazing, even as a grown-up (or maybe even more so, because we appreciate the work that must have gone into creating him).

Here are Juliette and Pierre getting down with da mouse !

See ? I wasn't exaggerating about Mickey's moves !

Pierre (not to mention his big sisters) was very proud to see that his dancing efforts have been incorporated into the official video promoting the Master Moves Mickey competition. See if you can spot him !

If you have a Master Moves Mickey (orM3 as he likes to be known !) to boogie along with, make sure you enter the competition by showing your moves. There is a £1000 cash prize up for grabs as well as Mickey and Minnie runner-up prizes. Pierre and Juliette have been practising since we made the original videos so I'll have to get them to strut their stuff and show what they can do.

It's an expensive toy but is honestly unlike any other animated toy I've seen before. Adults and kids alike can't help but smile and be seriously impressed by the moves he makes (all 18 of them!), and the music (eight different tracks so you don't get fed up of the same song) really makes you want to get dancing too, copying the moves along with Mickey. Anypne finding this under the tree at Christmas will be over the moon and I guarantee, after a few glasses of festive bubbly, even the grown-ups will be dancing along !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £79.99

Disclosure : We received a Master Moves Mickey in order to write an honest review.

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  1. looks like great fun! i can see my little girl dancing along with him

  2. Looks great although the price tag does put me off a bit!

  3. congrats on getting into the tv ad. ours didnt make it. But it truly is a fab toy and we were falling about laughing at both Mickey and the kids using it. Im with you will be great for a bunch or inebriated adults.

  4. Bud would adore this. He loves Mickey Mouse, I have a feeling it might get a bit irritating after a while though!

  5. He does look amazing - would be very popular here.

  6. This looks so amazing. My 2 year old would love this as he's always loved Mickey. The only thing that puts me off getting it is the hefty price tag

  7. I got it for my cousin's first birthday and he absolutely loves it!


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