Thursday 29 November 2012

VELCRO® #101Uses Challenge - #15 Less lost property

I teach teens and, even at that age, they manage to constantly lose their gloves and scarves in my classroom so I always send Pierre off to school not really expecting him to still have his gloves, hat and scarf in his possession when he comes home at the end of the day. Then, looking at my VELCRO® hamper, I had a cunning idea.

I used a small piece of sew-on VELCRO® and attached a piece to the back of his coat, hidden away under the hood, and another piece on his scarf. Even with the scarf dangling down his back, it stayed in place, attached to his coat. Hopefully this will help keep the two together when he hangs his coat up on his peg.

Tada - ready to go out and beat the chill !

I even decided to do the same with his beloved Spiderman hat, sewing a piece to the top of the hat and the other piece in the inside of his hood to hold it in place.

I'm even impressing myself with how versatile VELCRO® is - I wonder what other ideas I can come up with !

Disclosure : I received a hamper of VELCRO® products in order to take part in the VELCRO® #101uses challenge.

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  1. Love the velcro uses challenge - sounds like fun!


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