Friday 30 November 2012

Did you know you can recycle disposable nappies?

I certainly didn't. And before you go "yuck", they're recycled as things like toilet roll tubes, not second-hand nappies ! Read on for more information :


Play a part in protecting the environment with Nappy Recycling

Whilst you may be able to associate with the recycling of plastic bottles and used newspapers, one thing you may not have considered recycling previously are your baby’s used nappies!

At Nappies2Go we are on a mission to make more parents and guardians aware of nappy recycling and how our services can ensure that every single used nappy you would normally throw straight into the bin can  be recycled and recreated in to many other products.

How does it work?

On your part, the process is as simple as putting out your waste for collection every other week! Instead of putting your used nappies and wipes into your normal waste bin, you can arrange for fortnightly or monthly collections of separate bags that we at Nappies 2 Go will provide you with. On your designated collection day, simply place the bags on the kerbside and we will come and collect them; job done!

What happens next?

It’s over to us for the next stage as we deliver all the bags we have collected to the recycling facility where they are processed in a designated receiving bay. From this point, the nappies are then sterilised, separated and then have all the moisture released from them so they are ready for the recycling process. Once this has been completed, the nappies are then sorted again to separate out all the plastics from the fibres and ensure all the contaminants are removed. The materials then go through various stages of rigorous washing before  they are bagged up and ready to be used in new products. For instance, the fibres can be used to create the cardboard tubing regularly found in industrial settings as well as what you’d find in the middle of your toilet roll at home!

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  1. This is such a great service, I never knew you could do that!

  2. I am so going to look into this!! My bin collections are fortnightly and my black bins are often very heavy to carry due to the amount of nappies we get through! This is absolutely fantastic and I will be making all my friends aware of this service too. Brilliant. I am genuinely impressed!

  3. Wow thats pretty impressive!! I never knew you could recycle nappies! More people should be made aware of this, we are always being told about the ammount of nappies in landfill so why aren't parents informed that there is an alternative? x

  4. Wow, I never knew this either! Definitely worth looking in to!

  5. This is brilliant - I felt so bad about all the landfill I created when my children were in nappies. I would definitley have used this.


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