Sunday 18 November 2012

Pooch Pack review

It always makes me laugh that my mum buys a Christmas stocking filled with treats and toys for her beloved dogs every year, but like most dog owners, I do buy the odd treat and toy for our own Madhouse pooches, Vicky and Didou. I was therefore keen to learn more about Pooch Pack, a brand new company who got in touch and explained that they have come up with the unique concept of delivering monthly pamper boxes for your dogs. You can buy a one-off box or subscribe for three or six months.

They sent us through a Pooch Pack to see what we thought. I unpacked the goodies and was surprised to see many brands and products I had never heard of before. The box contained :

Soopa Papaya chews
Soopa Sweet Potato chews
Doggie Patisserie bones
Roxxter dog toy
Scruffy Chops shampoo
Bionic Biotic Concentrate
Baggee poo-disposal bags

I frowned slightly when I saw the Soopa treats because papaya and sweet potato didn't sound like flavours that would appeal to dogs - aren't they supposed to prefer meat and juicy bones? - then Brodie, on a visit to the Madhouse, came and stuck his nose in to investigate what was smelling rather nice to his canine nose just as I was taking the photo! OK, that's me told then !

The Soopa chews are made with 100% fruit and vegetables and promote healthy teeth, as well as being low calorie. They actually smell nice to human noses (but I didn't go so far as to have a gnaw myself !) and the dogs enthusiastically worked their way through both packs.

The Doggie Patisserie bones made me laugh because they are aimed at dogs but made with human-grade ingredients (peanut butter, oats, honey, flour, milk and baking powder) so the packaging says, if you're feeling peckish, you can have one too. I couldn't bring myself to eat a dog biscuit but I might be tempted to do so in front of the kids one day, just to see their faces when they think Mum's gone mad ! The dogs loved them anyway, which is the main thing !

The Roxxter toy (that's the orange thing that you can see in the picture) was my favourite product in the box - and the dogs liked it too ! It reminds me of the kind of thing zoo-keepers come up with to keep their animals entertained and stop them going stir-crazy so I have adopted it for when we're going out to work and the poor pooches will be home alone and bored. It is a vanilla-scented toy (better than the plasticky rubber most dog toys smell of) but the fun part is that it has a  treat chamber that you fill with treats so that your dog needs to get its thinking cap on to get them out ! It's very resistant (it would be too easy for the dogs to get the treats out if they could just chomp straight through it !) and it reminds me of a Weeble because it wobbles all over the place. It also floats if your dogs like playing in water so the playtime options are limitless.

The poo-bags on a key chain are very handy and the only things we haven't used yet are the shampoo and the probiotic canine health supplement (to promote healthy digestion and a glossy coat).

I was very impressed with the contents of the box because they are all unusual products that you wouldn't be able to find yourself in your local pet shop so it makes it seem extra special and worth getting delivered. It does work out quite expensive but for a special occasion like Christmas or a special gift for a doggie-lover, why not ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : from £16.95 per month

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a pooch pack in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I buy a xmas present for my dog, my cat, my rabbit and my two tortoises, my friends think I'm mad but I don't care!! This pack looks like a good idea but my dog is quite fussy so I'm not sure she would eat some of that.

  2. I buy Christmas presents for my two dogs. I think my springer spaniel would love the Roxxter toy as she has something similar already, my border collie gives up too easily though!

  3. i usually buy a gift for the cat and dog, i cant see my dog eating the Soopa chews though, my cat however will eat anything!


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