Tuesday 13 November 2012

Kids' app review : Sara’s Cooking Class

  When the opportunity came up to review a new tween-oriented app called Sara’s Cooking Class, I knew it would appeal to Sophie. The app encourages tween girls to ‘cook’ different recipes with the help of a friendly cartoon chef named Sara, which sounds very similar to a game she has on the Nintendo DS and that she loves. Sara'sCooking Class goes one step further though and, after the virtual cooking in the app, players are supposed to go and get hands on in the kitchen, trying out some real-life cooking.

The creators explain : "‘Sara’s Cooking Class’ is a fun, educational gaming experience that parents can also get involved in, bonding together in a safe environment and testing out the recipes both on the app and in their own kitchen. The app aims to inspire young girls to learn more about recipes and cooking creatively for themselves in real life, rather than relying on processed and packaged food."

I was expecting lots of kid-friendly cookie and cake recipes, but I was actually impressed with the variety and originality of recipes featured, including exotic fayre such as sushi, fish tacos, falafel and Swedish meatballs. Even as a grown-up who loves cooking, I enjoyed discovering the recipes and found some new ideas that I'd like to try out - with lots of help from a very willing Sophie, she hastened to add !

It's not just an educational app though, it's also a lot of fun. Player earn points as they work their way through the recipes and can win stars at the end of each level. The only thing that I think is a bit of a shame is that the app targets only girls whereas it could easily have been more unisex, but as it is created by GirlsgoGames, that is the whole concept behind the company !

The app exists both as a lite (free) version, and as a premium (£1.99) version with additional features. We've been reviewing the premium version but the lite version will only allow you to create one recipe.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.99 (for the premium version), free for the lite version

Disclosure : We received a review code for the premium version of the app.

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