Saturday 10 November 2012

Our T shirt design contest entries

The Madhouse turned into a bit of a fashion design studio yesterday when I told the Madhouse Mini-testers (and a visiting friend !) that we'd received some T-shirts and fabric crayons from so that we could take part in their T-shirt customising competition. The winning entry will win a fabulous £250 donation to the charity of their choice and four runners up will have their design made into a printed shirt.

They had great fun getting creative and our day trip to London over the summer seems to have been a great source of inspiration !

Here is 7-year-old Juliette's design - she explained that top left we have the Olympic rings, then a special top secret message about her school playground sweetheart. In the middle line, it's a tree to show it's autumn, a heart (that went a bit wonky), red phone boxes, the Union Jack, the brown box says London but we can't see it very well, shapes, a London bus, a big big big rainbow and the sun. (Can you tell this is her describing it, not me ?!)

11-year-old Sophie's design stays on the same "British and proud" theme, with a T-shirt festooned with Union Jacks, hearts and the Olympic rings. 

Sophie also designed a very colourful T-shirt for little brother Pierre, showing Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick and a big pink fish. On the sleeves, there is a tree and a butterfly. As you can see, he loves it !

Sophie's friend Adrien went for a Smileys theme. The bilingual aspect comes out here. You all know LOL but did you know the French versions, MDR (mort de rire) and PTDR (pété de rire) ?!

Juliette was now on a roll with her Union Jacks and writing the word London and decided to make another T-shirt. She said that she'd have to spend the whole time laying down when she wears this one so that the flag is up the right way !

And this was 3-year-old Pierre's own effort. I traced the heart shape which he coloured and decorated. Juliette "helped" by writing Longdon (!!) on it and he VERY proudly held it up for me to take a photo.

Well, somehow I don't think we'll win, but we did have a very enjoyable afternoon creating the designs !

If you'd like to get involved, you can find out about the competition here

Disclosure : We received some T-shirts and fabric crayons in order to take part in the competition.

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