Saturday 17 November 2012

Stocking Filler Ideas for Under a Tenner from Find-Me-A-Gift

Online stores are absolutely bursting with fun, highly original gift ideas to suit all tastes that make Christmas shopping a breeze. The only tricky thing is actually managing to find them. Find-Me-A-Gift have come up with this handy guide to stocking fillers for children that all cost less than £10. I've reviewed a few of them so click through to see what we thought.



Don’t forget that the little things count too. Leading online retailer has a superb selection of children’s stocking fillers to start the big day off in style.

Check out the top 10 ideas below, all for under £10:

  1. Moshi Monster Magic Choc, £5.49

*** read our Moshi Monsters Magic Choc review here ***

These cute and quirky characters can now be made in edible form. Inspired by the interactive, children’s game, Moshi Monster Magic Choc has lashings of milk, white and dark chocolate drops to model well-known or made-up characters before making a tasty snack. Suitable for ages 4+.

  1. Stackadoodle Crayons, £5.99

Teach kids the art of multi-tasking with these two-in-one building blocks and crayons. Each of the 13 blocks can be used as a drawing aid so playtime and creativity really can go hand-in-hand. Suitable for ages 3+

  1. Mood Light Lighting Stickers, £4.99

Give light switches a personality with these character-inspired stickers. Customise the sticker with hair clips, freckles, moustaches, smiles or whiskers and transform white space into a friendly face.

  1. Bobble Toothbrush Holder, £9.99

Bobble holds one manual toothbrush and when knocked will sway until it self-corrects, meaning the toothbrush stays put! NB toothbrush not included.

  1. Magic Wand Pencil, £4.99

Create enchanting artwork or practice writing spells with the Magic Wand Pencil.

6. In Disguise Photo Magnets, £8.49

Add a comic twist to photos with the In Disguise Photo Magnets. Included are 22 magnets in beard, moustache, hat and glasses shapes to transforms photos in an instant.

  1. Racing Penny Farthings, £5.99

Wind them up and watch these classic bicycles go. They’re dastardly good fun, and will show kids how spiffing getting around used to be.

  1. Ausome App Sweets, £2.99

*** read our Candy App review here ***

Get the thumbs up from kids with Ausome App Sweets. Included is a tray of tasty treats to please all young smartphone users. They’ll get Crunchy Candies, Strawberry-flavoured nuggets, a Sour Candy Bone and Gummy goodies to whet their appetite.

  1. 2x2 Cube Puzzle £2.99

A mini brainteaser to keep children occupied whilst you see to Christmas Day dinner. The cube is solved in the same way as a Rubik’s cube; simply match up the colour blocks to form each side.

  1. Screaming Flying Sock Monkey, £7.99

Watch this sock monkey soar through the sky! Simply pull back and launch and he’ll impress with both speed and distance; just make sure your favourite vase is put away first! The monkey screams as he flies so you’ll know when he’s around...

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Disclosure : I received three of the gifts, in order to write honest reviews. 

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  1. Wow some really good ideas there. I shall be filling up with these!

  2. Lots of good ideas, love the sock monkeys

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  4. Some fab low cost idea's. really like the toothbrush holder :) x


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