Thursday 22 November 2012

Swizzels Matlow Squashies review

Swizzels Matlow have really been spoiling us here at The Madhouse recently. After sending us through a fabulous selection of their Halloween sweets (you can see that review here), they got back in touch to see if we'd like to try out some of their new range of Squashies. Well, I barely needed to reply to the email - the Madhouse Mini-testers' squeals of delight would have been loud enough to give our answer !

As the name suggests, Squashies are a soft, chewy version of the old classics so I was keen to see if we'd like them just as much as the originals. First up was Drumstick Squashies. These remind me a bit of the pink foam milk bottles I used to love as a kid. They have a really punchy, fruity flavour which is lovely and they do taste similar to the Drumstick lollies I remember from days gone by. The Madhouse Mini-testers all loved them too. This was a single-serving 45g bag so they didn't last long.

Next up were the Love Heart Squashies. These are lovely, soft, fruity-flavoured sweets that reminded me of the texture of Haribo crocodiles.They are quite big so I was slightly concerned about Pierre swallowing them whole but I got round this by chopping them into quarters. Juliette preferred them to normal Love Hearts because she's not keen on fizzy, sherbert-based sweets, but I did find the messages much harder to read than on the classic Love Hearts, which is a shame. These ones came in a 160g sharing bag but they still didn't last long because they were so lovely.

As well as the Drumsticks and Love Hearts that we tried, the Squashies range also includes Refreshers and Double Lollies. You might also like to know that there is a Squashies World app - a free fun game with over 80 levels - that you can download to keep the kids (or yourself!) entertained. You can find out more at

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.49

Disclosure : We received some Swizzels Matlow Squashies in order to write an honest review.

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  1. These look great, it's nice to see a new twist on a classic sweet!

  2. I was going to say the smae as what Grocery Gems has said - something a bit different but with nostalgic associations :)

  3. I have tried the drumsticks, can't seem to get the others anywhere but I'm still trying :) xx

  4. These look delicious, it really made me want some just looking at the pictures

  5. Oh Mr Boo would love these, will add some to his Christmas stocking

  6. yum i know what i'm buying next time i go to the shop, and think i'll download the app too

  7. these look yummy and i can't wait to try them all! will be looking out for them

    Tiffany Oconnell

  8. i really like drumsticks but they are way too chewy, i will be looking out for these


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