Sunday 16 December 2012

The Madhouse Mini-testers have been making Christmas cards !

The Madhouse Mini-Testers have been hard at work all afternoon making Christmas cards and Christmas gifts. There was coloured card and glitter a-gogo !

Pierre got stuck straight in with finger painting - can you guess what this is going to be yet ?

Ta-da ! I was actually really impressed because this is made purely with finger painting and was something that 3-year-old Pierre could create all by himself (with me guiding his fingers slightly for the eyes, carrot and scarf !).

He had so much fun, he decided to make loads of them ! We've decided to give one to his teacher, one to his childminder, one to the old lady down the road and one to his godfather. 

Who says finger painting is only for toddlers ? Pierre's fabulous creations inspired big sister Sophie to get stuck in too !

 Juliette decided to go for a funky blue Christmas tree ...

 ... which she covered with LOADS of green glitter !

Big smiles all round !

How much glitter can you get on one card ? Quite a lot, obviously !

If you've been making homemade Christmas cards, with or without the kids, you might like to know that are holding a Christmas Card Craft Off competition at for both adult and child entries. There are some fabulous designs on their Pinterest board if you're looking for crafting inspiration.

Disclosure : This is our entry to's Christmas Card Craft Off competition.

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  1. hoooo ! des artistes en herbe !!!
    trop beau !!!

  2. Lovely cards. The snowman one is fab for a 3 year old x

    1. I was rather chuffed with how they turned out, especially as they were so simple to make. Pierre was really proud too, because he genuinely made them himself so he's really happy handing them out ! :)


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