Monday 31 December 2012

WeightWatchers Hot Chocolate review

WeightWatchers recently sent me through some sachets of their hot chocolate to try out. I already knew about their regular hot chocolate because they sent through a tub of it in one of their hampers of products, but this time I also discovered the mint and caramel varieties.

The hot chocolate powder just needs to be stirred into hot water for an instant chocolatey drink. You can either buy it in big tubs with enough for 20 servings or in single serve sachets, which are ideal for keeping in your drawer at work. Each mug of WeightWatchers hot chocolate only contains 40 calories, 0.9g of saturated fat and 1 ProPoint.

It's perfect for warming you up after traipsing around the sales in the cold or doing a school run in the rain but I have to say, if I'm having a chocolate craving, it doesn't really hit the spot. I'd rather have a WeightWatchers chocolate cake or biscuit which are equally low in ProPoints and feel more naughty and indulgent !

It's a pleasant enough instant hot chocolate drink though, that reminds me of similar low-cal chocolatey drinks such as Options. I find it's more of a cocoa taste than a chocolate taste but everyone else in The Madhouse loves it, so it's just down to personal taste.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.89 for a jar, 35p for a single-serve sachet

Disclosure : We received a selection of WeightWatchers hot chocolate sachets in order to write an honest review.

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  1. i love the Weight Watchers "chocolate", it has a lovely taste, after walking the dog it is a warming drink, i also love the sachets, for taking away, i think it is better than Options

  2. I'm never sure about 'diet' hot chocolate. Tend to go for real cocoa with only a little sugar. @LyraLouBear

  3. I might give this a go, I like Options but always worried that Weightwatchers may be a little watery and not smooth.
    Thanks - I'll pop some in my trolley next time I am shopping :)

  4. These sound quite nice but is it cheating if I add suger to it, lol!!

  5. Mmm these look great, I love hot chocolate but always worry about the high calories x I will give these a try I think.

  6. I'll pop some in my trolley next time I am shopping Thanks for this

  7. Been after something like this & after reading your review & the other comments left I'll give this ago, will pick some up when I go shopping tonight.

    Thank you.

  8. I didn't like the normal one - was very watery (might have been the way I made it!) but I did try the mint the other day and will be sticking with that one :) x

  9. It's horrid! Way too sweet and tastes of vanilla. Not a patch on cadburys light


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