Wednesday 26 December 2012

Time to make New Year's Resolutions again ?

This time last year, I made a new year's resolution to lose weight and shift at least some of the extra pounds that I'd piled on through successive pregnancies. Well, thanks to the SlimPod, WeightWatchers Online and Jenny Craig, I'm pleased to be able to say that I've achieved my goal. I haven't lost all of the weight I'd like to lose yet but I have lost 13kg which I have to say makes me feel great. More to the point, I'm eating normally (just reducing my portion sizes and using the Slimpod to retune my subsconscious mind so that it makes healthy choices without me even noticing) so this is a sustainable lifestyle change, not a quick fix that will lead to me piling all the weight back on when I go back to my normal routine.

I'd say I'm ultimately half way to where I'd like to be eventually so I'll still be trying to lose weight as this year's new year's resolution. But Sandra at Thinking Slimmer has convinced me that the number on the scales isn't the best measure of how well I'm doing overall, so I'll be trying to avoid being a slave to the scales this year. More important is how I look in the mirror and how my clothes feel so, as I've just spent a few days at the in laws' for Christmas, hearing my mother-in-law telling me how I've lost so much weight and asking what my secret is, constantly hoiking up my jeans (that are three sizes smaller than before !) and trying on dresses that I haven't been able to wear since before having Pierre and even Juliette and seeing that they fit again, I haven't needed to go anywhere near the scales recently to know that I'm doing great !

Inspired by's health and money-conscious campaign, I've decided that this year's new resolution is therefore not to lose weight but to Get Fit, Feel Epic. One of my slimming buddies, the lovely MumReinvented made me aware of this campaign (which shows you how much money you could save, not to mention improvements to your health, by reducing your cigarette, alcohol and fast food consumption). She's also hosting a giveaway for an amazing Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, worth £49.99 and Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales, worth £99.99.

These sound like exactly what I need to help track my progress and wean me off the normal scales. Rather than focusing on just what you weigh, the Aria scales also look at body fat percentage and BMI, and the Zip tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. Both of these fab gadgets sync with your computer or Smartphone and export your data into other apps like My Fitness Pal, allowing you to create visual aids such as graphs, set weight loss goals and manage calories. Sounds like great fun to me, not to mention totally motivating. Just what I need as my new Get Fit, Feel Epic allies !

(for more information on the Get Fit, Feel Epic campaign, go to

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Get Fit Feel Epic competition from, hosted at

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  1. Well done you on losing 13kg!! Thats great!
    I will also be losing weight this year, i need to give myself a kick up the bum and get on with it!!!

    1. The first step is always the hardest ! Good luck xxx

  2. Well done on losing weight (I'm no good with kilos but think 13kg is actually quite a lot?) I don't need to lose weight, well maybe a little, but I do want to tone up. I've promised myself as soon as my youngest starts school part time I can treat myself to a gym membership. I loved going to the gym pre-kids but I can't justify a membership yet as I wouldn't be able to use it regularly enough :(

    1. It's about 2 stone so yeah, pretty good :) I'm trying to get fitter now and am trying out fitness DVDs at home so I'll keep you posted ! :)


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