Thursday 13 December 2012

Lenor Breath of Fresh Air review

Here's the contents of the very generous pack that I received from Trnd (the French equivalent of Bzz agent) recently, so that I could discover Lenor's new "Breath of Fresh Air" fabric softener and share the experience with my friends. (For those of you living in France who want to know more about trnd, head over here !)

I was already very familiar with the Lenor brand, having used their fabric softeners for a long time until - in the name of saving a few pennies - Madhouse Daddy Mike switched over to a cheaper brand. I must admit, I hadn't really noticed much difference until going back to Lenor and I can now see that there is a big difference. With Lenor, the fragrance lasts so much longer so I can luxuriate in that "just washed" feel for several days, something I find particularly nice with bedding. Reading through the project guide, I learnt that it's all down to the system of fragrance micro-capsules that Lenor use which continually release fragrance.

I also found that the ironing seemed easier and the project guide again has an explanation. It explains : "Fabric conditioners contain ingredients that coat the washing in the final rinse cycle. When the laundry starts to dry, these ingredients smooth the fibres of the material, which reduces friction between the material and your skin". Your laundry is softer, protected against wear and - as I had noticed - is easier to iron.

Having tried another laundry product (from method) with a "pure air" fragrance that didn't really smell of anything at all, I was expecting a wishy-washy, bland fragrance but I was pleasantly surprised. The scent is very refreshing and is the fragrance that I associate with clean washing, without being able to define it. The French Lenor site just mentions the fragrance of springtime flowers, but the English site is more explicit, mentioning violets, roses, ylang ylang and geraniums, as well as a pinch of exotic spice. Luckily, it smells gorgeous because it perfumes the entire upstairs whenever I do the laundry or the ironing !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.25 for 750ml

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a bottle of Lenor as well as loads of samples and money-off vouchers to pass on.

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  1. fantastic, im a bzzagent to but not had a product in a while since the clubcard challenge. shame :(

  2. Love, love love this Lenor. I am also part of Bzzagent but haven't been sent anything yet :/ All good things come to those who wait though!
    Loved your review xx


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