Friday 14 December 2012

Sainsbury Kids' Cake Mix review

The Madhouse Mini-testers wanted to do some baking last week so, being in a bit of a rush (and needing to make some space in my baking cupboard after all my fabulous baking wins lately !), I decided to try out a couple of boxes of Sainsbury's kids' cake mixes. In the pink box is Eric Bakes Mini Vanilla Cupcakes and in the purple box is Erica Bakes Mini Double Chocolate Muffins. Which led to the question why is the boy elephant in the pink box and the girl elephant in the bluey-purple box ?! Hmmm !

The pink box contains a sachet of cake mix, two sachets of icing sugar, a sachet of white chocolate sprinkles and some very squashed mini cupcake cases. You need to add an egg, some milk and some butter.

Pierre instantly set to work mixing up the cake mix (wearing his Bisto Stock Melts chef's hat and apron again - he always wants to wear it when he's helping out in the kitchen now !) - and using the gorgeous mixing bowl that was part of my Big Fair Bake win and that reminds me of a very similar one that my nan used to have ! I decided to try out some Provamel Coconut as an alternative to milk, which was very successful.

While the first cupcakes were cooking, we went to discover what was inside the second box. This one just has one sachet of muffin mix and some mini paper cases and you need to add 1 egg, some milk (we again used Provamel) and some oil.

Pierre did the business again - he's such a happy little baker !

By the time the second batch was mixed and dripped into the cases (and all over the baking tray !), the first batch were ready to come out of the oven.

The icing sugar is magic (according to Pierre) because it comes out white but turns pink when you mix in the butter ! It's actually quite hard going so will need adult help, or you could replace the butter by soft-spread margarine to make it easier. The thick butter icing needs to be spread over the cakes when they've cooled down and sprinkled with white chocolate shavings.

Again, with perfect timing, by the time we'd iced the strawberry and vanilla cupcakes, the chocolate muffins were ready. Perfect - well, OK, imperfect but if it's the kids doing the baking, it really doesn't matter !

Time to christen the cake tin, which was another part of my baking prize !

The strawberry and vanilla cupcakes are lovely and just the right size because they'd be sickly otherwise. The chocolate muffins weren't bad but seemed a bit plain next to the other ones so they were less popular. I had a taste and agreed that they were OK but a little bland and maybe not quite sweet enough. They'd look and taste fabulous with some melted white chocolate drizzled over the top.

I've just been to check the RRP on Sainsbury's online store and can't find them so I'm not sure if they're still available - it wasn't that long ago that I bought them though so I'll have to have a look next time I'm instore!

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  1. OoOo yum yum. I want cake now =p lol. Love the bisto hat, bless hiss little heart. x

  2. I for one am glad to see they have not used the conventional standard acceptable colours, and have usexed them to prove boys can make the pick and girls the purple. IMO smart move by sainsbury.

  3. They look tasty, my kids love those cake kits although sometimes I find it easier just to make them myself, it's about the only thing I can make in the kitchen, lol.


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