Monday 24 December 2012

Kids' app : Magic Jar

Are your kids getting over-excited about Christmas and starting to squabble ? Or maybe you just want to add a little special Christmas magic into the final build-up to Santa's imminent arrival? Either way, this app looks perfect for enchanting your kids and encouraging good behaviour. Read the press release below for more info. Could be 69p well spent !


Mummy, can we check our magic?

Keep little ones amused and incentivise good behaviour during the festive season with Magic Jar - a simple yet very effective app

Magic Jars have always been a mystery until now… located in Santa’s grotto at the North Pole is an enchanting never-ending room full of personalised Magic Jars – there’s one for every single boy and girl. Santa conducts annual checks on Christmas Eve to inspect everyone’s levels of magic to see who has been good, and each fantastically-behaved child is rewarded with a desirable gift on Christmas day.

Presenting you with Magic Jar – an app which allows children to easily monitor their own jars on a magical flight to the North Pole. It won’t take long before your child realises good behaviour equals Magic Jar top-ups resulting in a Christmas present from Santa on Christmas Day. Children will be left motivated and wanting to check their levels of magic daily.

Beautiful, enchanting graphics will grab the attention of all youngsters and it’s easy for them to check their Magic Jars independently, whilst mums and dads have full control of creating and topping up their own children’s jars using a unique passcode.

Steve Jones of Stereospark, the developers of Magic Jar, comments: “Last Christmas I wanted to create something magical for my own two children, and came up with the idea that they had a secret magic jar which would fill up when they were well-behaved. So I quickly built an iPhone app to let them see their magic and how well they were doing. The phrase “daddy, can we check our magic” was the soundtrack to the holidays! My partner Lee Ellis and I decided to make it into a proper app this year for others to enjoy, and we get such a kick out of seeing parents and kids playing with it, making it part of their own Christmas story."

Magic Jar Features
  • Beautiful graphics on all devices, including a stunning video flying sequence up to the North Pole and into the Magic Jar Room
  • Easy for mums and dads to set up and control how much magic the kids have… just one slider!
  • Great for encouraging good behaviour
  • Kids love to check how well they are doing
  • Passcode-protected admin area (if you forget your passcode, you can get a reminder emailed to you after two failed tries)
  • Universal - compatible with everything from iPhone 3GS up to the latest iPhones and iPads with Retina displays.
  • The next update due in mid-December introduces sound to make it an even more magical experience, including beautiful chimes and bells played by a live percussionist. More free updates are planned for 2013, bringing new features to help parents motivate good behaviour in their children.
Disclosure : We received a code to try out the app.

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  1. This is a really good idea, I wish I had given it a try.


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