Monday 24 December 2012

Santa's on his way ! Track his journey with NORAD !

Yesterday I told you about the free personalised video messages from Santa Claus that the Madhouse Mini-testers absolutely love. Today was another day of great excitement because NORAD - the official Santa tracker - has been live since this morning and it was the first thing Juliette asked for when she got up this morning ! So far we've seen him in Japan, Australia, Russia and - at the time of writing - he's at the Great Wall of China ! If you want to keep tabs on him, head over to . It's actually quite educational as well as fun because you can click through to find out more about the different places he's been to so far.

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  1. I checked earlier and he was in Perth, it's such a great idea, I wish they had something like this when I was little.

  2. i wish i'd read this before, sounds great!


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