Sunday 30 December 2012

Daxon’s VIP Fashion Bloggers

When I discovered that Daxon were looking for bloggers to sign up as part of their blogger network, I did a quick straw poll to see who already knew something about the brand. Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world, but I always find that they're better known in France than in England. Sure enough, the only people who knew anything about Daxon said "oh yes, they sell granny knickers by mail order" ! Definitely time to set the record straight here ! Now is actually a great time to discover what Daxon have on offer because they have a brilliant sale going on with prices slashed by as much as 70%.

I love the look of this Ladies Milano Knit Block Colour A-Line Dress which would be perfect teamed with a pair of opaque tights and boots. It was £45 but is now a bargaintastic £13 which is an amazing 70% off.

Another dress that leapt out at me was this  Ladies Printed Asymmetrical Dress. I love the bold geometrical print and the flattering cut. Oh, and the price ! It's down to £17 from £57 !

Just to put the granny knickers moniker to rest, whoever said that obviously needs a closer look because they have some lovely feminine and dare I say sexy lingerie on offer too. (Yes, too - they do have a selection of big pants and thermal undies if that's what floats your boat !) This lovely plum-coloured Sans Complexe® Feel Nice Ladies Wired Bra is now reduced to £11.50 from £23.

It's not all clothes though. They also have a home and garden section. The blue flower bed linen range that caught my eye when I was browsing through is 40% off so you can pick up the quilt cover for £34, reduced from £58.

If I've piqued your interest, head on over to

Disclosure : By joining the Daxon VIP Fashion Bloggers programme, bloggers can be eligible for rewards including an amazon voucher for signing up and products for review.

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  1. They really are more than expected. The sale is brilliant!

  2. Wow! May take a look! that dress is lovely and even better at the price tag! :)

  3. I love the Asymmetrical Dress, thanks for letting us know about this.


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