Thursday 27 December 2012

Sophie found her Usborne Books win under the Christmas tree !

You may remember me telling you about Sophie winning £150 worth of Usborne books in a recent drawing competition. Well, I decided to put them away under the Christmas tree so that she'd have a nice surprise on Christmas morning and as you can see, she wasn't disappointed !

Sophie had kindly picked out some books for Pierre and Juliette too and they were just as enthusiastic. Pierre absolutely loves the Noisy Wind-up Fire Engine book which has a button to push for the siren but also a wind-up fire engine that whizzes around the track carved into several pages of the book. It's great fun and even the grown-ups keep playing with this one !

Juliette has been having a fabulous time with the wipe-clean doodle book too.

Thanks again to Usborne books and Teach Your Monster to Read for hosting the competition.

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Sophie's on a winning streak too !


  1. glad they like them, we did the same with some of our mattel toys that we reviewed for Santa, as he was so impressed with our reviews he sent us them back!!

    1. oooh that's a good story, I may have to use that one next year !!

  2. Wow well done Sophie and how kind to pick some books for Pierre ad Juliette.


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