Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Madhouse Doggies' Dream Christmas Stocking

We woof you a merry Christmas ... Santa Paws is Coming to Town ... Little Doggie ... Bark the Herald Angels Sing ... OK OK, enough already - but those very bad poochie carols were there to help you guess the theme of the latest blogger challenge to pop into my inbox ! Pet suppliers GJW Titmuss are hosting a fun blogger challenge, asking you to come up with your pet's Christmas wishlist.

They explain : "Christmas is fast approaching and we’re getting excited. In the spirit of giving we have decided that we want to hold an extra special competition. We're giving away a pet stocking filled with the pet friendly gifts of your choice up to a value of £200!"

Yappy Christmas !

Well, the Madhouse mutts Vicky and Didou are so lovely, the first object that they want in their stocking is for me ! They picked out a lovely snuggly Dubarry of Ireland Aran fleece, perfect for keeping me warm and convincing me to take them out for a walk whatever the weather ! (£119)

Their next choice was the I Love Muddy Paws mat which I would put next to the back door so that I could let them straight back when it's raining, without making them hang about while I wipe off their paws. (£10.99)

On to the doggie treats - the Chewy Rawhide Boot looks great, especially as it's filled with a mixture of munchy sticks, munchy shapes and rawhide treats. (£6.49)

If you're an over-excited doggie, happiness is a squeaky toy to play with so this festive reindeer toy would definitely get a warm reception ... if the Madhouse kiddies didn't grab it first! (£9.99)

Speaking of sharing toys, the Madhouse kids would also love the Incredi-bubbles which don't pop when they land, and the dogs would love playing with the kids, so I don't know who would be happiest ! (£2.99)

More kiddie/doggie happiness guaranteed with a ball thrower (£1.99) and pack of 6 brightly coloured tennis balls to chase (£3.99).

Time to stock up on their favourite treats - 100 round hide chews for £6.59 and 50 munchy rolls for £6.49 and a 15kg bag of their fave Pedigree food for £28.49.

That makes a grand total of ... £197.01. Just enough left over to add a final treat - a Good Boy Christmas Treat Kennel costing £2.69 and containing 75g Choc Biscuit Bones and 75g Crunchy Snowballs treats made with Good Boy Dog Safe Choc. That leaves just 30p of my £200 budget left over so I don't think I'll get far with that !

Disclosure : This is my entry for the GJW Titmuss Blogger Challenge. If you want to get involved, head over to for more information.

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  1. OMG my Mum would love this for her dog!

  2. i might want to enter this too!

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