Monday 31 December 2012

More than ½ price off First Response pregnancy products

If your New Year plans involve working on a new arrival in your family, you may be interested to know that First Response have just redone their website, which now offers their products through PayPal at massively discounted prices. Read on for more details :


More than half price off First Response pregnancy products 

First Response have launched a new website where visitors can buy the First Response pregnancy and ovulation products through PayPal at hugely discounted prices and have them delivered direct to their home.

The website also offers a range of planning tools and calculators which can help optimise a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.


The website has a new ‘Ovulation Widget’ desktop app. It gives users 3 tools to help find out the dates when they are ovulating:

· An Ovulation Calendar – for users to plan and see when they are ovulating in the future.
· SMS – if users enter their mobile number, then a text message is sent to the user every month on the day they begin ovulating.
· Email – similar to the SMS, if a user enters their email then they receive a personalised email every month, telling them, ‘It’s Time!’


There are also two other ‘calculators’:

· Test Day Calculator – this helps calculate when is the earliest the woman can test to see if the pregnancyhormone is present.
· Due Date Calculator – this will allow users to calculate the approximate due date of their baby.

The three products available at less than half the retailer recommended price are:

· First Response Early Result Pregnancy Tests, big value 5 stick pack, £8.99 (RSP £18.99**): First Response tells you first – the test has ultra sensitive technology that can detect really small amounts of the pregnancy hormone. That means you could get the answer with First Response, five days before your period is due.*

· First Response Daily Ovulation Tests 20 stick pack, £14.99 (RSP £37.99**): allows you to track ovulation for 20 consecutive days. It takes the guess work out of predicting when you are most likely to get pregnant.

· First Response Easy Ovulation Tests 5 stick pack, £8.99 (RSP £20.49**): could help you get pregnant sooner[1] by predicting your 2 most fertile days, the time that you are most able to become pregnant, and is over 99% accurate.[2]

Visit for more information.

*First Response tells you first. Please read the leaflet. 62% of women tested effectively 5 days before their period was due.

** RSPs (non-promoted prices) as of January-September 2012

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